Renesas RX72N Envision Kit - Review

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RoadTest: Renesas RX72N Envision Kit

Author: meera_hussien

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Evaluation Type: Development Boards & Tools

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: This product is comparable to the previous product which is RX65N

What were the biggest problems encountered?: The biggest problem which i encountered is with the IDE because the IDE has an evaluation period. Previously i have installed it in my station. To resolve the issue, i have to install the IDE in another station.

Detailed Review:


Renesas RX72N Envision Kit - Review

By Hussien






RX72N Envision Kit features the RX72N MCU which is the flagship of the 32-bit microcontroller RX family. This kit includes a WQVGA LCD with a capacitive touch panel. This allows for GUI development using an LCD controller and a 2D drawing engine. The RX72N Envision Kit also provides a D2Audio IC with a stereo MEMS microphone to support HMI features like voice input and output. The kits also come with communication support for Fi/BLE and ethernet. Moreover, the extended can be utilized using Macronix's 3222Mb serial flash with USB and microSD slots.



Front View




Rear View






Below are the features of the board


  • Equipped with a 32-bit RX72N microcontroller:
    • 240MHz maximum operating frequency
    • 4MB code flash memory
    • 1MB internal RAM
  • Includes a WQVGA LCD with a capacitive touch panel allowing GUI development using an LCD controller and a 2D drawing engine
  • Provides a D2Audio audio IC with a stereo MEMS microphone to support voice input and output
  • Supports communications such as Wi-Fi/BLE and Ethernet
  • Extended storage available using Macronix's 32Mbit serial flash with USB and microSD slots
  • Includes a variety of Renesas analogue devices, such as:
    • Light sensors
    • Regulators
    • Clock generators
    • Hot-swap power management ICs
    • LCD backlight drivers
  • Equipped with an onboard E2 Lite emulator


And below is the








Now let's look at the unboxing video



Running RX72N Out Of The Box


The RX72N Envision Kit comes preloaded with SPORTS GAMES. To run this program, plug the micro USB into the ECN1 of envision kit. Below is the demonstration video.

3D Printed Case for RX72N


Below is the 3D print stl view of the RX72N case
File 1File 2File 3



And below is the 3D printed case with RX72N installed to the case


Casing ViewCasing View


Software Setup


In order to program the RX72N, we need to install the Renesas e2studio IDE. This can be downloaded here. The installation is a straightforward process. Once done with the installation, the next step is to download and install the RX Family C/C++ Compiler Package. All this can be done through the guided installation process. Below is the snapshot of the installation process arranged in order.
Header 1Header 2


Those are basically the steps for the software installation. Once done, the next is to run the sample program. The following video illustrates steps to make a simple GUI

Below is the video of a sample GUI from emwin




Hardware Setup


For the hardware setup, there is no much to be done since the kit is ready to plug and play.



Home Automation System


My plan for this road test is to make a simple automation system. But somehow I am facing some difficulties to get the GUI running. Currently, i am still working on it to resolve the issue.



       In the nutshell, RX72N Envision Kit is a very interesting kit to explore the world of IoT. In my opinion, there is a lot of applications that can be build using the kit. The only fallback which I would say is that the example or help provided are very minimal apart from the vast documentation. It would be very helpful if there is a simple example that shows the process of utilizing all the functions that are available on the kit. Another thing to take note of is, to get familiarised with the e2 studio requires some time as well. I think this is a usual process when exploring a new development board. I would also like to thank Renesas and Element14, for giving me the opportunity to learn and explore Renesas RX72N Envision Kit, through this roadtest.