The AndroidIO board published in Elektor’s September & October 2015 edition was designed to enable any Android phone or tablet to control your electronic projects by WiFi, Bluetooth or USB. AndroidIO with its 22 I/O lines not only gives your home built projects a sleek interface, it also exploits the computing power and many communication options of today’s smartphones. AndroidIO comes with a Java library for Android which makes WiFi, Bluetooth and USB transparent to the programmer. You have complete control over the AndroidIO board with only 5 commands from the library, so you can concentrate on the functionality of the app and the design of the GUI.






About the presenter:


Already from his youth, Elbert Jan van Veldhuizen was interested in electronics. When the first home computers came, he started to connect electronics to his home computer. He also used this approach in his Physics studies. He obtained his PhD in Nuclear Physics, in which experiments are controlled by computer systems and measurements transfer gigabytes of data. Nowadays he has embraced connecting Android devices to electronics. He has published several articles in Elektor.