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About the Webinar
Creating robust,  innovative, low-power  HMI interfaces for e-lock, security, thermostats and other building automation interfaces with CapTIvate touch technology
Touch interfaces are getting widely popular in the building automation space, in e-lock, security, thermostats and other building automation interfaces. 

Successful  products in the market differentiate themselves predominantly on how users interact with them. In  this webinar you will learn how to differentiate your products’s user experience and extend battery life of your existing HMI using CapTIvate touch technology. 


In this webinar, we will cover:

· Capacitive touch solutions using button, sliders and wheels;

· How you can leverage years of sensor design techniques to develop noise immune touch solutions;

· How CapTIvate touch solutions from TI can have you designing sensors within minutes.

About the Presenter

Pradhyum Ramkumar is currently a Product marketing manager for MSP430 Ultra-low power micro-controllers at Texas Instruments. He has been at TI for 10 years in various sales and marketing roles. Prior to TI, he led engineering teams at Cedarpoint communications, Tellabs and DSP Software Engineering, developing complex  Voice over IP media gateways.  He holds  an MBA from UCLA Anderson and an MSEE from Clarkson University in DSP and power systems.

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