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Need some space to add an additional trace, no problem activate Push&Shove, or use Bus routing to route multiple lines simultaneously. The added interactive manual routing capacity included in EAGLE makes it much easier to create a professional looking board. This is part 4 of the Getting Started with Autodesk EAGLE: Webinar Series!


Autorouting can do an efficient job, but more often that ever you end up spending countless amounts of time cleaning up. Autorouters will never be able to take into consideration all the necessary variables in today's constantly changing technology. Manufacturers persistent strive for smaller and better performing components challenge the PCB designer to accommodate stricter DRC constraints.  The EAGLE developing has introduced many new enhanced tools to make manual routing an easier task. Live Design Rule Check and Quick Route are just a few that we will be demonstrating.



The Presenters:

Edwin is the Global support manager for Autodesk EAGLE, with over 25+ years of experience using EAGLE. He loves helping users overcome their design challenges.

Jorge is a support specialist for Autodesk EAGLE. Has a Bachelors in Electronics and over 10 years of experience with EAGLE and actively involved in our Autodesk EAGLE forums. He has a special spot in his heart for embedded systems and programming.