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Win a Synchronous Buck Regulator EV Board for Asking Questions!


Accelerate the Integration of Power Conversion with Vishay microBUCK® and microBRICK™


Overcome the main infrastructure power challenges, which drive our world into a completely new era of communication

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You can view a Q&A of this session here:  Webinar Briefing & FAQ: 5 Things to Know About Buck Regulators is Available On-Demand!


Simon Foley from Vishay will be giving a presentation on microBuck Converters.   During this presentation and during the Q&A session immediately following you will have a chance to win one of four Vishay Synchronous Buck Regulator EV Board (recently offered as part of our  RoadTests & Reviews program) for asking good questions.  There will also be a quiz to test your knowledge before you go in and ask questions.


Automation is driving our world and civilizations into a completely new era of communication. As a result, the power eco system is now fundamentally being transformed into a workhorse, in order to deliver essential energy  to those critical IT infrastructures.    Vishay ICs, provide solutions to overcome the following 5 main infrastructure  power conversion challenges:


  • Global ICT power consumption to be tripled in next decade - More  efficient power conversion
  • Cooling cost skyrocketing in data centres - Superior thermal performance
  • CPU and SoC are becoming more power hungry - Fast load transient
  • Higher portability and less space in electronics devices - Ever increasing power density
  • More stringent and tougher application environment - More reliable solution


Check out the RoadTest video review from Bald Engineer - James Lewis of the Sychronous Buck Regulator EV Board you can Win for asking the Best Questions::


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Simon Foley, Market Development Manager at Vishay
Simon Foley is a Market Development Manager, in the Power and Linear IC division of Vishay Division; a role he has held for more than two years. He started his tenure at Vishay as a MOSFET & IC Product Marketing Engineer, 18 years ago and since then has held several positions, including Business Marketing Director.  Simon started his electrical engineering experience as a RADAR & Telecoms Engineer in the Royal Air Force, moving on to Concord Radio Altimeter System Engineering, at British Airways.  Simon studied for diploma in Mechatronics and a degree in Computer Architecture from Swansea Institute of Technology and The University of West of England