3D printing has burst onto the scene; everyday there is yet another story of revolutions, amazing applications and new systems. But does reality mirror the sometimes grandiose predictions?
Join Todd Grimm for an insider’s view of 3D printing technologies, applications and advantages to make your own assessment of the current and future potential of this design, engineering and manufacturing tool.
In this 45-minute webinar, Todd will cover:
  • Disruptive replacement or powerful alternative?
  • Four elements for ideal applications
  • Summary of consumer- and professional class technologies
  • Considerations when evaluating 3D printers
  • The 25-year overnight success
Presenter: Todd Grimm
Todd Grimm is 23-year veteran of the additive manufacturing/3D printing industry. From his work as a consultant, writer, author, speaker, editor and advisor, he was recently named as one of The TCT Magazine’s 20 most influential in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. Todd is president of T. A. Grimm & Associates, an additive manufacturing consulting and communications company and managing editor for
Todd currently serves on the board of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) as its AM industry advisor and has served as chairman of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ (SME) community for additive manufacturing.
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