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It's the beginning of a new year. You may be graduating from college, preparing for a career transition, or simply looking to develop your current career or looking for a new direction. The Internet of Things (IOT) is powerful technology with incredible opportunities. So, are you ready for an IoT Career in 2019? IoT technology companies need both hardware and software engineers to work across the IoT technology stack. Do you know what really matters to IoT businesses that are hiring engineers? What do you need to be successful as an IoT Engineer? That's what this webinar will focus on.


Element14 has brought together in an exclusive webinar two of the most prominent employers in IoT: Amazon (Cloud Services) and Eaton Corporation (Industry 4.0) to discuss these questions. In a panel discussion, our experts will discuss:


  • What are the major trends in IOT that you see going on now?
  • How can candidates get ready for an IoT career in your organization?
  • What traits or qualities are you looking for in new hires?
  • How will AI play as an important role in IoT?
  • What are the potential research areas for IoT?
  • For an IoT or engineering position, what is your interviewing process like?


Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear from companies who employ people with IoT tech skills.



Dennis Grinberg, Director, Center for Connected Intelligent Solutions, Eaton



Cliff Ortmeyer, Director/Global Head of Technology Product Marketing and Solutions Development, Premier Farnell



Gagan Luthra, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Amazon



Randy Scasny, Webinar Host,

Webinar Recording

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