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Follow Ed and Jorge as they will provide you the guidelines of assigning 3D models to your components and explain the different options for a bidirectional electromechanical workflow between Autodesk EAGLE and Fusion 360.  This is ideal for students and professionals that are using EAGLE for the first time and require the use of EAGLE Library Editor.   This is part 2 of the Getting Started with Autodesk EAGLE: Webinar Series!


For a very long time, there has been an increasing demand for the capability of exchanging design file within an Electronic Design Application and a Mechanical Design CAD system. That has now been resolved with the latest release of Autodesk EAGLE. This new system allows users to fully interpolate files between EAGLE and the well known mechanical solution by Autodesk called Fusion360. Please follow Edwin Robledo and Jorge Garcia as they guide you at the best practices to optimize your workflow between EAGLE and Fusion 360.



Topics covered:

  • Sketch the board outline in Fusion360
  • Create a PCB in Fusion360
  • Import the Board Outline into Eagle
  • Populate components in EAGLE and Push to Fusion 360
  • Move components in Fusion360 and modify the Outline
  • Import edited board in Eagle, fix routes for new component position and push to Fusion 360


This will be followed by a Q&A.



The Presenters:

Edwin is the Global support manager for Autodesk EAGLE, with over 25+ years of experience using EAGLE. He loves helping users overcome their design challenges.

Jorge is a support specialist for Autodesk EAGLE. Has a Bachelors in Electronics and over 10 years of experience with EAGLE and actively involved in our Autodesk EAGLE forums. He has a special spot in his heart for embedded systems and programming.