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You can't find that part you need for your design?  No worries, follow Ed and Jorge as they will dissect the library editor and provide you the available options to get that component made in a timely manner. EAGLE includes a large number of libraries within its default installation. Manufacturers are constantly releasing new versions. Autodesk EAGLE has a dedicated team of Librarians that are consistently adding libraries, but there will be times that making your own will be necessary.  To this end, EAGLE includes a package generator that uses a  parametric package template selection tool that allows you to build a package and associated 3D model with a few mouse clicks.


This is ideal for students and professionals that are using EAGLE for the first time and require the use of EAGLE Library Editor.  This is part 3 of the Getting Started with Autodesk EAGLE: Webinar Series!


Topics covered:

  • An explanation of the sections of the EAGLE Library editor
  • An explanation of considerations that need to be extracted from a manufacturer specification sheet
  • Building a package using the Package Generator
  • Building a Schematic symbol using Smart Paste
  • Creating a device
  • How to use components in design and push to Fusion360


This will be followed by a Q&A








The Presenters:


Edwin is the Global support manager for Autodesk EAGLE, with over 25+ years of experience using EAGLE. He loves helping users overcome their design challenges.

Jorge is a support specialist for Autodesk EAGLE. Has a Bachelors in Electronics and over 10 years of experience with EAGLE and actively involved in our Autodesk EAGLE forums. He has a special spot in his heart for embedded systems and programming.