This session will provide a high-level understanding of Smart Embedded Vision and how to apply video pipeline concepts on a PolarFire FPGA. We will use the MPF300 Video Kit to implement a design receiving 4K video-data from two cameras, create a video pipeline and project a video-in-video on an High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI®)


Things you will learn and IPs used:


  • Interfacing to cameras using MIPI® CSI2
  • Creation of an image-buffer using external DDR-memory
  • Color Space Conversion and Image Enhancements
  • Sending data to displays via HDMI 2.0


A short outlook into enhancing such designs with Machine Learning functionality will be given.



Featured in the presentation:


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The Presenter:



Martin Kellermann, Business Development Manager for FPGA at Microchip

Martin joined Microchip as Business Development Manager for FPGA covering EMEA. In this role Martin uses his deep FPGA experience to enable clients building optimized systems and achieve their requirements using Microchip FPGAs and SoCs.  He has previous experience at Xilinx, where several application-notes were created and patents were filed and granted.