If you have experience programming CPUs or MCUs, the key concepts of programming FPGAs may be a bit difficult to grasp at first. In this entry level webinar, Monica Houston and Tom Curran will address the different approaches to programming FPGAs.


In addition to covering the basics of getting the board setup by running the tcl build scripts from Avnet’s GitHub, this webinar will also demonstrate setting up a simple program in Vitis that controls GPIOs on the Ultra96.


What you will learn by attending:


  • How use Avnet’s build scripts to set up the programmable logic on Ultra96
  • FPGA vocabulary and the meanings of commonly used acronyms
  • How to create a helloworld program for the Ultra96 using Vitis
  • How to control GPIO on the Ultra96
  • How programming an FPGA is similar to and differs from programming a CPU


The following hardware will be featured during this presentation:



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The Presenters:

Monica Houston, Machine Learning Engineer at AvnetTom Curran, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at Avnet

At Avnet, I work on enabling machine learning on NXP boards, particularly MaaXBoard. Previously, I was employee #2 at An avid maker and tinkerer, I also founded the Seattle Arduino Meetup. I have dabbled in a wide range of technologies, from web development to 3D printing, but I’m most captivated by artificial intelligence, in particular AI at the edge. I’m currently working on a master’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington.

I got sucked into the world of FPGAs and programmable logic early in my career working for a company that developed embedded controls for bottle labeling machines, and I’ve never looked back.  I now work in Avnet's Products & Emerging Technologies group, mostly working on Linux and software applications for our Zed and UltraZed family of Zynq and Zynq MPSoC SOMs and SBCs like the Ultra96-V2.