Live Webinar 

At the Core of the PsoC 62 Webinar

Part of the At The Core Design Challenge with InfineonTm
Read More about the Challenge Here:  /challenges-projects/design-challenges/at-the-core-design-challenge/w/documents/27814/at-the-core-design-challenge-announcement 

Join us for a free webinar with Clark Jarvis, Software Product Marketing Manager at Infineon Technologies, where we will explore the new development flows related to Cortex-M0+ access and new features of ModusToolbox 3.0.

Get a jump start on your project for the “At the Core” design challenge with helpful tips and tricks for leveraging ModusToolbox 3.0 with enhanced support for multi-core project workflows. Ask us questions and expand on your proposal ideas live.

Host: Clark Jarvis
Date: 10th November 2022 16:00 UK Time.