With the Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit and the Kria Robotics Stack (KRS), users can easily build a complete robotics system using a ROS 2-based environment with low-latency, deterministic communication connecting production-ready Kria SOM to Kria SOM. In the process, creating an adaptive system that can readily implement evolving and diverse algorithms as well as scale across multiple projects. 

In this webinar Karan Kantharia from AMD will provide an introduction to the Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit and how it can be used to hardware accelerate your ROS 2 and machine vision designs.  We will be giving away 3 Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kits with a Sony IMX547 Camera Kit and 3D Printed Kria Stands  (~$1000 Value) to the 3 attendees that ask the best questions!

What you will learn by attending:

  • Key technologies driving the future of robotics
  • Overview of the KR260 starter kit hardware
  • Ubuntu 22.04-ready apps available for out-of-the-box robotic system creation
  • How KRS makes ROS 2 (Humble edition) development simple and productive
  • Benchmarking against popular robotic development platforms
  • Capabilities for additional industrial connectivity like SLVS-EC, 10 GigE Vision, and Time Sensitive Networking

Find out how Kria SOM-based hardware and app can allow you to easily develop production-ready, high-performance and adaptive vision-guided, AI-enabled, 5G wireless robotic and other systems.


The Kit:

image image
SK-KR260-G ROBOTICS STARTER KIT Sony IMX547 Camera Kit Color
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The KriaTm KR260 Robotics Starter Kit is a Kria SOM-based development platform for robotics and factory automation applications. It enables roboticists and industrial developers without FPGA expertise to develop hardware accelerated applications for robotics, machine vision, and industrial communication & control. Developers benefit with greater flexibility from native ROS 2 and Ubuntu support along with increased productivity through the Kria Robotics Stack (KRS). The pre-built interfaces and accelerated applications make the KR260 an ideal platform to accelerate robotics innovation and take those ideas to volume production deployment with commercial- and industrial-grade Kria K26 SOMs.

The Sony IMX547 Camera Kit is available in color or monochrome for the Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit, compatible with the 10GigE Vision Camera App. Based on the Sony Pregius S IMX547 5MP sensor, the kit interfaces to the KR260, leveraging FRAMOS SLVS-EC Rx IP and enabling users to develop their own high-performance, high-speed, and high-resolution machine vision applications.

Attend and Learn to Earn a Certificate:

Following this presentation there will be a short quiz to test your knowledge.  Complete the quiz and watch the presentation either live or On Demand to earn a certificate. 

Read here on more information about how to get your certificate: /members-area/support/w/site-faq/27798/how-do-i-earn-a-certificate-for-viewing-a-webinar-or-webcast 


To Earn a Certificate:

  • View at least 30 minutes of the presentation
  • Score a 100% on the quiz

The Presenter:

Karan Kantharia, Product Marketing Manager at AMD
Karan joined the AMD in July 2019 after graduating with a master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Arizona State University, Tempe, USA. He leads product management & marketing of Kria SOMs, a brand-new portfolio of Edge AI products that were built from the ground-up during his time at the company. Karan’s responsibilities range from defining product requirements, overseeing HW/SW development to planning product launches for new embedded platforms. He has been instrumental is creating go-to-market strategies for NPI products, enabling several customers and partners across the globe. Karan recently completed a graduate certificate program in Technology & Engineering management from Stanford University.

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