Capacitors are deceptively complex components. Sure, they "just" store charge in an electrostatic field. But many more details are needed to understand them. For example, there are hundreds of options for a 1 uf capacitor. So, which one to pick?

Well, it turns out the materials used to construct them, where you place them in a circuit, and how you plan to use them all go into deciding how to pick the right one!

In this live interactive session, element14 Presents hosts Derek (of DC to Daylight) and James (from Workbench Wednesdays), review different capacitors types, explain the fundamental things to know about each, and then walk through a couple of real circuit examples. In those examples, they discuss the considerations for each capacitor. (And provide recommendations on the type!)

Throughout, you will have opportunities to ask questions to help better how to understand how to pick the best capacitor for your application.

Takeaway: What are the 3 or 4 questions you should ask when choosing a capacitor?

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The Presenters

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Derek Brodeur, element14 Presents Host James Lewis, element14 Presents Host
Host of DC to Daylight, Derek has experience using capacitors in the design of RF/IoT industrial products, linear AC/DC power supplies and has operated as an FA tech in the field of DC/DC converter failure analysis. His 25 years of career experience includes robotics application engineering and semiconductor product engineering. Host of Workbench Wednesdays, James has over a decade of experience with passive components, specifically with capacitors. He has presented at numerous venues and written many articles on understanding capacitor types and when to use them. Also, being the bald engineer gives him unique insights into capacitors.

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