Based on today’s global challenges of decarbonization combined with increasing demand for energy, we will take a look at bidirectional electric vehicle (EV) charging and how semiconductor solutions address this application. We will start by taking a brief look at EV charging trends that have an impact on semiconductor and how bidirectional charging plays a role in specific applications. To do this, we will explain the different use cases for bidirectional charging and their basic requirements.

Building on this, we will focus on the importance of semiconductors for off-board charging solutions, in particular typical power conversion topologies for PFCs and DC/DCs and their suitability for bidirectional charging. In this context, an implementation example based on the new Infineon 50-kW reference design for bidirectional charging is presented. Before we turn our attention to the vehicle side in the form of the on-board charger (OBC), other requirements for semiconductor solutions beyond power conversion will be addressed. Finally, this webinar will be rounded off by an overview of suitable Infineon products for EV charging applications.

What you will learn by attending:

  • Learn how bidirectional charging is part of the answer to today's global challenges of decarbonization and increasing energy demand
  • Get an overview of power conversion topologies for bidirectional DC charging
  • Explore an application example based on Infineon's 50 kW reference design
  • Learn why secure communication is an important issue for electric vehicle charging
  • Become familiar with solutions that go beyond power, such as control and security
  • Learn how on-board chargers (OBCs) follow similar trends and solutions


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The Presenter:


Torsten Klemmer, Application Marketing Manager EV Charging at Infineon Technologies AG

Torsten Klemmer holds degrees in both electrical engineering and industrial engineering. Before joining Infineon in 2013, he worked in the automotive and lighting industry for over 10 years. At Infineon in Neubiberg, he first worked as Product Marketing Manager in the Automotive division and is now responsible as Application Marketing Manager for EV Charging in the Green Industrial Power division since mid-2022.

More about infineon:


Infineon Technologies is a leading manufacturer of semiconductor and system solutions for automotive, industrial electronics, chip card and security as well as applications in communications with a strategic focus on the three main areas: Energy Efficiency, Communications and Security Infineon’s products stand out for their reliability, their quality excellence and their innovative and leading-edge technology in analog and mixed signal, RF and power as well as embedded control. 

You can find out more about infineon on the Community, and their products at the online store. 

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