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Want to learn how to do embedded Machine Learning (ML)?! Join Robin M. Saltnes, Product Marketing Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor, and Eoin Jordan, Developer Relations at Edge Impulse, and learn how. With the Thingy:53 prototyping platform, Robin will demonstrate how quickly and easily you can collect data samples for making your own ML models. Then, Eoin will walk you through how to use Edge Impulse Studio, with all the steps required to build an ML model based on your collected data.

We will be giving away 2 Nordic Thingy:53 boards to the attendees that ask the best questions!     Register now for a chance to win!

What You Will Learn By Attending:

  • Learn about the basic hardware functionality of the Nordic Thingy:53 prototyping platform
  • How to collect data for ML using Thingy:53 with the nRF Edge Impulse app
  • How to design, train and test ML models in Edge Impulse Studio
  • How to deploy the model on a Thingy:53 to validate your results  
  • Learn about different options for including ML models in your own firmware application


The Kit:

We'll be giving away a couple of Nordic Thingy:53 boards for asking the best questions.   If you are interested in purchasing a board in advance of the presentation you can do so below:

Nordic Thingy53
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Attend and Learn to Earn a Certificate

Following this presentation there will be a short quiz to test your knowledge.  Complete the quiz and watch the presentation either live or On Demand to earn a certificate. 

Read here on more information about how to get your certificate: /members-area/support/w/site-faq/27798/how-do-i-earn-a-certificate-for-viewing-a-webinar-or-webcast 


To Earn a Certificate

  • View at least 30 minutes of the presentation
  • Score a 100% on the quiz

The Presenters:

 Robin  Eoin
Robin M. Saltnes, Product Marketing Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor Eoin Jordan, Developer Relations at Edge Impulse
Robin M. Saltnes is working as a Product Marketing Engineer at Nordic Semiconductor, with a background in Electrical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Since joining Nordic in 2020, Robin has focused on creating content and  Nordic's offerings relating to Machine Learning, and Power Management ICs (PMICs), as well as making content for Nordic's YouTube channel. Eoin Jordan works for Edge Impulse as part of the Developer Relations team, boasting over 13 years of experience in Networking, Cloud, Edge, and IoT technologies. He is passionate about Edge Intelligence, actively pursuing a Ph.D. on the subject, and educating the community on this emerging field. Eoin is committed to using Edge Impulse’s tools to develop solutions for his local community. A believer in the power of technology to enhance human capabilities and address real-world problems, Eoin advocates for the democratization of technology to foster an inclusive and diverse tech environment.
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