Analog Signal Chain Webinar Series


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Understanding Isolation Technology for Industrial Applications


This webinar will review the foundation of TI’s capacitive isolation technology as it compares with other technologies within the industry, highlighting the capacitive isolation structure and discussing important industry standards that must be met through tests such as reliability and surge testing. Learn how the performance of digital isolation technology today can be optimized within industrial designs including PLC, motor drive, and power distribution.


What the Attendee Will Learn

  • Overview of Capacitive Isolation Technology
  • Comparison of Capacitive Isolation Technology  to Other Isolation Technologies
  • Description of the Capacitive Isolation Structure
  • Discussion of Important Industry Standards (Reliability and Surge Testing)
  • Performance of Digital Isolation Technology
  • Applications


Abhi Aarey


Abhi Aarey (MGTS) is Applications Manager for the Isolation group in Texas Instruments. He has an IC design background in Isolated Power supplies, Gate Drivers and high voltage transceivers for Industrial and Automotive, and has defined multiple CAN products. Abhi has authored several articles on CAN, CAN-FD and represents TI in SAE Standards organizations.  Abhi is based in Dallas, TX.

Webinar Recording

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