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About this Webinar

TI’s approach to capacitive sensing (FDC2x) that enables noise-immune and robust proximity and level detection applications.


During this webinar you will learn about TI’s new approach to capacitive sensing technology. Learn why this technique is much more EMI noise resistant than traditional capacitive to digital converters. An overview how capacitive sensing can be used for various different applications like level sensing, proximity detection, gesture recognition.


At the end of the webinar there will be time for live discussion with TI’s cap sensing expert.



About the Presenter

Andreas Kraemer, sensing and precision signal chain expert: Andreas has been working in the precision signal path area for 28 years, including with National Semiconductor and TI since 2008, and currently provides technical support to TI’s customers in EMEA. His expertise spans a variety of sensing technologies, including inductance-to-digital converters and capacitive sensor ICs, as well as signal chain design topics including data converters and amplifiers, for precision designs in industrial and embedded applications.