– The development environment for Android Apps: Using Eclipse.

– Writing a simple Android Program: Programming your first Android App.

– Accessing Hardware with Android: Working with your smartphone’s internal sensors.

– Internet communication: Using Android apps for Webservices.


By now the Android Framework is a very popular system, used on many devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Vast amounts of applications have been made available for this platform. Programming an app is an interesting objective which is easily reached, given its free software tools and free development environment.


This webinar targets anyone interested to start programming for Android. It will guide you through the basics of writing an Android app. The handling of the Eclipse development environment and the Android SDK will be demonstrated based on straightforward programs. The main focus of the webinar will be on programming apps for conducting uncomplicated functions, such as solving formulas, accessing Internet and processing data generated by internal sensors.


About the presenter:


Stefan Schwark, born 1967, is a certified engineer. He has been developing software for over twenty years. A few years ago he started writing software for cellular phones using JAVA 2 Mobile Edition and he published his first book. He went on to develop applications with the Android Framework. Currently he is employed as a Software Developer in the field of fuel cell systems.