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Learn more about this self-paced online embedded course using the kit below. Choose the hardware you need, or if you are just starting out, buy the bundle TIVA C + edX Lab Kit. You'll be all set for your class.

From all of us at element14, have fun learning about embedded design!

The Course Associated Kit
design challenge tile
TI Tiva C LaunchPad (EK-TM4C123GXL)
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design challenge tile
TI TIVA C LaunchPad + edX Lab Kit
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edX Lab Kit

Green LED  1.8V 2mA 5mm (x2),  Red LED  1.8V 2mA 5mm (x2),  Yellow LED  1.8V 2mA 5mm (x2),  Switchcraft Phone Audio Connector , Twin Industries Solderless Breadboard ,   Global Specialties Jumper Assortment Kit ,  Omron B3F Tactile Push Button Switch  (x4),  Bourns Potentiometers Slide ,  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 470 (x6),  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 1.0k,  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 1.5k (x3),  Panasonic Carbon 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 12k (x3),  Panasonic 1/4W Resistor , 5%, 10k (x4)

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