A unique pocket-sized computer system designed to help beginners or children of all skill levels to explore their creative potential through coding.

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Learn about the new micro:bit V2 workshop recording.

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Meet the upgraded micro:bit V2, now with an added speaker and microphone for out-of-box audio learning.

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Explore the core functionalities of the BBC micro:bit in the first edition of our new video series.

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Share your micro:bit projects based on skill level

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Featuring simple, beginner-friendly projects to help your students get started with the micro:bit.

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The micro:bit Range
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Learn about the new micro:bit V2 workshop recording.

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micro:bit V2 Go
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1x micro:bit, USB cable, battery holder & 2x AAA batteries along with an user guide all in a retail ready pack.

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micro:bit V2 Club
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10 pack essential pieces (10: micro:bit, USB cable, battery holder & 20: AAA batteries) to enjoy in STEM groups, coding clubs, and more.

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micro:bit V2 Bulk Box
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300x micro:bit supplied loose in a bulk box.

element14 is a proud partner of the BBC micro:bit project. This pocket-size computer features multiple sensors, various platform support, and Open source hardware (OSHW) to teach coding through electronics.

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If you are interested in the original micro:bit or other legacy products please click here to find out more.

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