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  • Develop Azure Sphere Applications Faster with the AzureSphereDevX Libraries

    8/13/21: Added new DX_DEVICE_TWIN context void* pointer detail and blank architecture diagram and exerciseIntroductionI've been working with the Azure Sphere secure MCUs since July 2019.  I develop and deliver Azure Sphere training materials...
  • Azure Sphere Error Reports

    IntroductionOne very nice Azure Sphere feature that's not discussed very often is Error Reporting.  Azure Sphere devices automatically generate and send error reports to the Azure Sphere Security Service (AS3).  Each device sends zero o...
  • Azure Sphere Tenant Strategies

    IntroductionEvery Azure Sphere device must be associated with an Azure Sphere tenant before it can be used for development or deployed in a product.  Azure Sphere tenants allow teams to manage Azure Sphere devices.  This may be development ...