QorIQ Development System for P4080

Manufactured By:NXP
QorIQ Development System for P4080 QorIQ Development System for P4080
QorIQ Development System for P4080
QorIQ Development System for P4080
Part Number:P4080COME-DS-PB

The NXP COM Express development systems provide an I/O-rich carrier blade whose personality comes from the QorIQ processor embedded in a plug-in module based on the COM Express form factor. This module/carrier combination provides unparalleled development flexibility. The P4080COME-DS-PB development includes a production-ready P4080 COM Express module with all of its functionality available on the carrier card. The P4080COME-DS-PB is a flexible development system supporting NXP’s P4080 and P4040 processors. The board, with its 1.5 GHz P4080 and rich I/O mix, is intended for evaluation of P4080 and P4040 in networking, telecom and industrial applications.

The P4080DS-PB can help shorten your time to market. The board, which exercises most capabilities of the device, can serve as a reference for hardware development. It can also be used as a debug tool to check behaviors on the board compared to behaviors seen on customer boards and for software development and performance evaluation before your custom board is ready.

The P4080DS-PB has significant flexibility in allocating its 18 SerDes lanes to various functions. The P4080DS platform features one RGMII port, one USB ULPI, five controllers supporting five add-in card slots including a x4 slot for NXP’s optional SGMII-PEX-RISER, a x4 slot for NXP’s optional XAUI-RISER and the Aurora highspeed debug port. PCI Express and Serial RapidIO interfaces are also supported.

The memory system of the P4080DS-PB supports 4 GB of DDR3 at 1333 MHz. It has 128 MB of NOR flash, three I2C controllers supporting EEPROM storage for boot sequence, a 16 MB SPI-based EEPROM memory and an SD media card slot.

The P4080DS-PB is pre-loaded with the NXP Linux software development kit for QorIQ processors with Data Path Acceleration. This includes a 2.6.x.x SMP Linux kernel, hugetlb file system for applications with a large memory footprint, user space DPAA for highperformance packet handling, u-boot, the GCC tool chain and Mentor System Builder.

Key Applications: Enterprise and service provider routers,Switches, Security gateways,Channel cards for LTE base stations,Radio network controllers (RNCs),Aerospace and defense,Factory automation


  • COM Express™ module with QorIQ P4080 eight-core processor, built on Power Architecture® technology
  • Carrier card supporting all QorIQ COM Express modules
  • Linux® BSP
  • Processor
    • P4080, 1.5 GHz core with 1333 MHz DDR3 data rate
    • Multiple SysClk inputs for generating various device frequencies
  • Memory
    • 4 GB unbuffered DDR3 240-pin sockets supporting standard JEDEC DIMMs
    • 128 MB NOR flash (fast boot)
    • SPI-based 16 MB EEPROM
    • SD media card slot
  • High-Speed Serial Port (SerDes)
    • 18 lanes, dividable into many combinations
    • Five add-in slots to selectably connect to five of the 16 controllers supported by the P4080
    • Supports PCI Express, SGMII, Nexus/Aurora debug, XAUI and Serial RapidIO
  • Ethernet
    • Supports one 10/100/1000 port with no add-in cards
    • TSEC as RGMII to Vitesse VSC8244 PHY
    • SGMII supported with optional SGMII-PEXRISER cards
    • 10 GbE supported with optional XAUIRISER card
  • USB 2.0
    • One USB ULPI
    • Combo USB/RJ45 stack
  • UART
    • Two serial ports at up to 115200 Kbps
  • I2C
    • Three I2C controllers
    • I2C-based, real-time clock and batterybacked SRAM
    • EEPROM storage for boot-sequencer, SystemID, ngPIXIS (FPGA) processor code
  • Debug
    • JTAG/COP
    • Aurora/Nexus debug support
    • EVT support
  • Other
    • PromJet debug port
    • System Logic ngPIXIS (FPGA)
    • Temperature sensor
    • CodeWarrior tools
    • GCC tools
    • Green Hills INTEGRITY BSP 
    • Green Hills MULTI® development tools

Ships With

  • P4080COME-DS-PB QorIQ Development System board
  • Linux® BSP
  • CodeWarrior tools
  • GCC tools

Required Tools

Accessory Tools