Memory Tower System Module

Manufactured By:NXP
Memory Tower System Module Memory Tower System Module
Memory Tower System Module
Memory Tower System Module
Part Number:TWR-MEM

The TWR-MEM Memory Module provides added memory capacity to Tower System designs with Serial Flash, MRAM, SD Card and Compact Flash interfaces. This peripheral module is designed to be combined and used with other microcontroller and peripheral modules in the Tower System.

The Tower Memory Module (TWR-MEM) adds external memory and expansion I/O card support to the Tower System. It can be used with a wide variety of Tower Processor Modules with an SPI and/or external bus interface (EBI).

The TWR-MEM features a Serial Flash device, MRAM device, SD™ Card slot, and CompactFlash® slot. A CPLD is used to interface between the external bus interface (memory bus) of the host processor and the CompactFlash slot. This CPLD can also be used to prototype custom interfaces.

The TWR-MEM features two expansion card-edge connectors that interface to Elevator boards in a Tower System: the Primary and Secondary Elevator connectors. The Primary Elevator connector, comprised of sides A and B, is utilized by the TWR-MEM, while the Secondary Elevator connector only makes connections to ground (GND).

TWR-MEM features an Altera Max II CPLD. Its primary purpose is to provide any interface logic required between the EBI and the CompactFlash slot. However, many of the IOs of the CPLD are also brought out to expansion headers for easy access when the CPLD is reprogrammed by the user for alternate purposes.

Key Applications: Memory Interface for Tower System Modules


  • 3.3V supply on the Primary Elevator Connector
  • 8 Megabit (1 Mbyte) SPI Serial Flash
  • Everspin 512 Kbyte (256K x 16) magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM)
  • The SD Card interface is multiplexed over the SPI1 signals and four GPIOs such that the host can communicate with the SD memory or I/O (SDIO) card in the SD Card slot using the SPI mode or the one- or four-bit SD mode
  • The CompactFlash slot on the TWR-MEM can accept Type I (3.3mm thick) CF cards or PC Cards in the CompactFlash form factor
  • TWR-MEM features an AlteraMax II CPLD

Ships With

  • TWR-MEM board
  • Getting Started DVD
  • Quick Start Guide document

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