Prototyping with Perfboard Area Tower System Module

Manufactured By:NXP
Prototyping with Perfboard Area Tower System Module
Part Number:TWR-PROTO

The TWR-PROTO Prototyping Module provides an easy way for designers to add custom circuitry to their Tower System designs. The TWR-PROTO module is a 9x8 cm board with card-edge connectors that allows it to be plugged directly into the Tower System. The perfboard area provides access to all of the signals as well as a generous 8.3 x 3.8cm prototyping area.

This peripheral module is designed to be combined and used with other microcontroller and peripheral modules in the Tower System. Take your design to the next level with the NXP Tower System. NXP's modular development platform saves you months of development time now and in the future through rapid prototyping and tool re–use.  

Interchangeable and reusable modules along with open source design files make it easy to customize your design and reduce low level design giving you more time to focus on differentiated solutions. Sold in kits or as individual modules, the expansion of your Tower System from a development tool into a development platform is simple and cost effective.

Key Applications: Prototyping Applications


  • Access to all signals on primary and secondary elevator connectors for prototyping and signal probing
  • Prototyping area for adding custom circuitry to Tower System
  • Primary Connector
  • Primary Connector Signal Access
  • Broad board prototyping area with 5V, 3.3V and GND access
  • Secondary Connector Signal Access
  • Secondary Connector

Ships With

  • TWR-PROTO module
  • Quick Start Guide document

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