Kinetis KEA128 StarterTRAK

Manufactured By:NXP
Kinetis KEA128 StarterTRAK Kinetis KEA128 StarterTRAK
Kinetis KEA128 StarterTRAK
Kinetis KEA128 StarterTRAK
Part Number:TRK-KEA128

StarterTRAK is a low-cost development kit based on Kinetis EA series MCUs for Industrial and Automotive applications. StarterTRAK kits enable rapid prototyping and tool reuse.

The TRK-KEA128 development platform is built on Kinetis EA series 32-bit ARM®-based MCUs and is the most feature-rich of this series featuring 128 KB of Flash and CAN module for automotive body applications. These scalable and low-power devices are supported by a broad enablement ecosystem that includes software drivers, operating systems, example codes and application notes to help you quickly implement your designs.

The TRK-KEA features either one of the KEA128, KEA64 or KEA8 MCUs, depending on the board version. The KEA family is aimed at Industrial applications, such as 3-phase sensorless BLDC motor control, as well as Automotive body electronic applications. Kinetis EA series MCUs integrate an ARM® Cortex®-M0 core, a CAN module3, a UART module with LIN capabilities, a pulse width timer (PWT) and a keyboard interrupt module (KBI). All these peripherals together with standard serial communication protocols such as I2C and SPI offer flexibility for a width variety of applications.

The TRK-KEA board includes an onboard OpenSDA programmer and debugger, LIN physical transceiver, CAN physical transceiver, a light sensor, four LEDs and two pushbuttons for user interface.

Note: TRK-KEA128 board is not populated to fully support all target applications.

Key Applications: Automotive and Industrial - Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Doors, Window Lift and Seat Control, Parking Brakes, Electric Pumps, Motor Control and Auxiliaries, Power Sun Roof Modules, Park Exit Assist, Infotainment Gateway, Ambient Lighting Control, Battery Chargers and Management, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) & BLDC Motor Control.

NXP Enablement Tools

  • Processor Expert -- Processor Expert Software is a development system to create, configure, optimize, migrate, and deliver software components that generate source code for NXP silicon. It is available as part of the CodeWarrior tool suite or as an Eclipse-based plug-in feature for installation into an independent Eclipse environment.
  • Motor Control Application Tuning (MCAT) tool -- The Motor Control Application Tuning (MCAT) Tool is a HMTL-based, user-friendly graphical plug-in tool for  FreeMASTER. This tool is intended for the development of PMSM FOC and sensorless BLDC motor control applications, real-time control structure parameter tuning, and will aid motor control users in adapting motor control solutions to their motors without detailed knowledge of PI controller constant calculations.
  • FreeMASTER – FreeMASTER a debugging interface based on HTML that enables debugging in an emulation environment, saving time and cost versus manufacturing a prototype. FreeMASTER supports both cooperative and non-intrusive monitoring of variables on a running system. Display multiple variables changing over time on an oscilloscope-like display, or view the data in text form.


  • Kinetis KEA128 MCU in a 80 LQFP package
  • On-board openSDA debugging and programming circuit using the PK20DX128 MCU
  • LIN communications interface
  • Analog interface with ambient light sensor
  • 4 high efficiency LEDs
  • 2 push buttons
  • SCI serial communication interface (sharing the openSDA interface)
  • CAN communications interface

Ships With

  • TRK-KEA128 Board
  • TRK-KEA DVD (includes CodeWarrior software)
  • USB cable
  • TRK-KEA Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

Required Tools

Accessory Tools




What applications might this board be suitable for?

There are a wide range of functions ranging from body applications, powertrain companion chips or generic sensor nodes, parking assistance, pump/fan controller, and motorcycle CDI/EFI.

How many development tools support the TRK-KEA128?

TRK-KEA128 is supported by several Freescale development tools including CodeWarrior, Keil, IAR, Processor Expert, and MQX Lite.

Does TRK-KEA128 include CodeWarrior?

TRK-KEA128 includes Codewarrior v10.6.

What power supply does the TRK-KEA128 require?

It uses a dual supply with 5V and 12V.

What is included onboard?

The TRK-KEA128 includes an onboard OpenSDA programmer and debugger, a LIN physical transceiver, a CAN physical transceiver, a light sensor, four LEDs and two pushbuttons for user interface.