I2C daughter board for PICkit Serial analyzer

Manufactured By:Microchip
I2C daughter board for PICkit Serial analyzer
Part Number:PKSERIAL-I2C1

The PICkit™ Serial I2C Demo Board was designed to easily connect to the PICkit Serial Analyzer (DV164122). The PICkit Serial Analyzer provides the I2C master mode serial communications and power for the PICkit™ Serial I2C Demo Board. The devices on the demo board operate in the I2C slave mode and can easily be connected to virtually any demo or development board by connecting the communications lines to connector P1.


  • Five unique devices with I2C interfaces
  • Test points on the I2C bus and most of the devices
  • Connector for directly connecting to an I2C bus or PICkit Serial Analyzer

Ships With

  • Demo Board

Required Tools

Accessory Tools