AR1000 Development Kit

Manufactured By:Microchip
AR1000 Development Kit AR1000 Development Kit
AR1000 Development Kit
AR1000 Development Kit
Part Number:DV102011

The mTouch AR1000 Development Kit (DV102011) provides everything designers need to get started using AR1000 resistive controllers for a turn-key, cost effective solution. The kit includes the AR1000 development board, a 7” four-wire resistive touch screen, a PICkit™ Serial Analyzer and all necessary interface cables, as well as a CD containing technical documentation and all necessary software. The CD also includes an easy-to-use AR1000 configuration utility, which has a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that enables designers to test all user-configurable options with the AR1000 controllers.

The Microchip mTouch AR1000 Series Resistive Touch Screen Controller is a complete, easy to integrate, cost-effective and universal touch screen controller chip. The AR1000 Series has sophisticated proprietary touch screen decoding algorithms to process all touch data, saving the host from the processing overhead. Providing filtering capabilities beyond that of other low-cost devices, the AR1000 delivers reliable, validated, and calibrated touch coordinates. Using the on-board EEPROM, the AR1000 can store and independently apply the calibration to the touch coordinates before sending them to the host. This unique combination of features makes the AR1000 the most resource-efficient touch screen controller for system designs, including embedded system integrations.

Applications: Mobile communication devices, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Touch Screen Monitors, KIOSK, Media Players, Portable Instruments, Point of Sale Terminals


Features of AR1000 Series Resistive Touch Screen Controller:

  • Special Features:
    • Power-Saving Sleep mode
    • Industrial Temperature Range
    • Built-in Drift Compensation Algorithm
    • 128 Bytes of User EEPROM
  • Power Requirements:
    • Operating Voltage: 2.5-5.0V ±5%
    • Standby Current:
      • 5V: 85 uA, typical; 125 uA (maximum)
      • 2.5V: 40 uA, typical; 60 uA (maximum)
    • Operating “No touch” Current:
      • 3.0 mA (typical)
    • Operating “Touch” Current:
      • 7 mA, typical, with a touch sensor having 200 ohm layers
      • Actual current is dependent on the touch sensor used
    • AR1011/AR1021 Brown-Out Detection (BOR) set to 2.2V
  • Touch Modes:
    • Off, Stream, Down, Up and more
  • Touch Sensor Support:
    • 4-Wire, 5-Wire and 8-Wire Analog Resistive
    • Lead-to-Lead Resistance: 50-2,000 ohm typical)
    • Layer-to-Layer Capacitance: 0-0.5 uF
    • Touch Sensor Time Constant: 500 us (maximum)
  • Touch Resolution:
    • 10-bit Resolution (maximum)
  • Touch Coordinate Report Rate:
    • 140 Reports Per Second (typical) with a Touch Sensor of 0.02 uF with 200 ohm Layers
    • Actual Report Rate is dependent on the Touch Sensor used
  • Communications:
    • SPI, Slave mode, p/n AR1021
    • I2C, Slave mode, p/n, AR1021
    • UART, 9600 Baud Rate, p/n AR1011

Ships With

  • AR1000 development board
  • 7” four-wire resistive touch screen
  • PICkit™ Serial Analyzer
  • Necessary interface cables
  • CD containing technical documentation and all necessary software

Required Tools

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