Demo Board for MCP2515 - CAN Bus Monitor

Manufactured By:Microchip
Demo Board for MCP2515 - CAN Bus Monitor
Part Number:MCP2515DM-BM

The MCP2515 CAN Bus Monitor Demo Board kit contains two identical boards which can be connected together to create a simple two node Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, which can be controlled and/or monitored via the included PC interface. The board(s) can also be connected to an existing CAN bus. 

Using the PC interface, users can configure the MCP2515 registers, send CAN messages, and receive CAN messages. CAN traffic can be generated using a button on the board not connected to the PC. 

There are also several headers (test points) so the MCP2515 pins can be monitored.


  • Two identical boards and a CAN cable for creating a small CAN bus
  • USB interface and PC software to interface to the CAN bus
  • CAN bus PC software
  • Button for changing the bus load on the Traffic Generator node
  • Headers (test points) for monitoring the MCP2515 pins (CAN, SPI, and status/interrupt pins)
  • PIC18F4550 PIC® Microcontroller (MCU) with ICD2 interface/header for in-circuit programming.

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  • Demo Board

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