Demo Board for MCP1252 Charge Pump Backlight

Manufactured By:Microchip
Demo Board for MCP1252 Charge Pump Backlight Demo Board for MCP1252 Charge Pump Backlight
Demo Board for MCP1252 Charge Pump Backlight
Demo Board for MCP1252 Charge Pump Backlight
Part Number:MCP1252DM-BKLT

The MCP1252 Charge Pump Backlight LED Demo Board demonstrates the use of a Charge Pump device in an LED application. The board also serves as a platform to evaluate the MCP1252 device in general. The MCP1252-ADJ is an excellent choice for biasing the back lighting or driving other LED applications. Light intensity is controlled uniformly through the use of ballast resistors. The peak intensity is set by the feedback to the the MCP1252-ADJ. Dimming is accomplished by pulse-width modulating the shutdown pin of the device.

The board also feature a PIC10F206 microcontroller in a SOT23 package, which is used to provide an enable signal to the MCP1252. The PICmicro also accepts a push-button input that allows the user to adjust the white LEDs to five different light intensities, in addition to placing the system in a standby mode that consumes less than 1 uA of current (typical).

Applications: White LED Backlighting, Color Display Bias, Local 3V-to-5V Conversions, Flash Memory Supply Voltage, SIM Interface Supply for GSM Phones, Smart Card Readers, PCMCIA Local 5V Supplies.


  • Programmed MCP1252 Charge Pump control (via the PIC10F206)
  • Four white LEDs
  • PIC10F206 microcontroller:
    • Enables the MCP1252 Charge pump
    • Controls light intensity
    • Places system into sleep mode (< 1 uA)
  • Push-button interface for multiple control options
  • Baseline Flash Microcontroller Programmer (BFMP) Header for reprogramming the PIC10F206
  • 3 AAA Battery Pack (Batteries not included)

Ships With

  • Demo Board
  • MCP1252 Demo Board User Guide

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