Demonstration Board for 8-bit SV family

Manufactured By:NXP
Demonstration Board for 8-bit SV family
Part Number:DEMO9S08SV16

This demonstration kit comes with everything required to complete an entire project using the SV16/8 family with 32SDIP SV16 soldered. Application development is quick and easy with the integrated, Open-Source, USB-BDM, sample software tools, and examples.

 An optional BDM_PORT port is also provided to allow use of a BDM_PORT cable. One, 40-pin connector provides access to all IO signals on the target MCU.


  • MC9S08SV16, 32 SDIP with 16K Bytes Flash; 1K Bytes RAM
  • RS-232 Serial Data Physical Layer Transceiver
  • Integrated Open-Source, USB-BDM
  • BDM_PORT header for external BDM cable support
  • MCU_PORT pin header for access to MCU IO signals
  • Three options of power input from: USB-BDM, on-board regulator and Connector J1

Ships With

  • Demonstration Board

Required Tools

Accessory Tools


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