LPC General Purpose Shield

Manufactured By:NXP
LPC General Purpose Shield
Part Number:OM13082

The LPC General Purpose Shield Board has designed to complement NXP’s range of LPCXpresso MCU development boards by providing easy access to several commonly used peripherals. The LPC General Purpose Shield plugs into the top-side expansion connectors of LPCXpresso V2, V3 and MAX boards.


The LPC General Purpose Shield connectors have more pins than are available on LPCXpresso V2 and MAX boards, but may still be used with those boards with some loss of functionality. The I2C and SPI connected devices may be routed to the Arduino UNO connections on a the V2 and MAX boards.


  • 128x64 LCD dot matrix display connected via SPI
  • 4 user LEDs and 5 position joystick, controlled via an NXP PCA9535BS I2C port expander
  • NXP LM75D temperature sensor (I 2C)
  • Bosch BMI160 inertial measurement unit (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope, I 2C)
  • Potentiometer
  • SD/MMC card slot (requires LPCXpresso V3 board with SDIO interface)
  • Ethernet RJ45 connector and magnetics (requires LPCXpresso V3 board with on-board PHY)
  • CAN terminal block (requires LPCXpresso V3 board with CAN interface)
  • Micro USB A/B connector (requires LPCXpresso V3 board with USB support via expansion)

Ships With

  • General Purpose Shield Board

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