Bluetooth Low Energy/IEEEÂRegistered 802.15.4 Packet Sniffer USB Dongle based on kinetis ARM� Cortex�-M0+ KW40Z/30Z/20Z MCUs

Manufactured By:NXP
Part Number:USB-KW40Z

The USB-KW40Z is a development platform enabled by the Kinetis W series KW40Z/30Z/20Z (KW40Z) family built on the ARM® Cortex®-M0 processor in a convenient USB dongle form factor.  The USB-KW40Z can be used as a Bluetooth® Smart/Bluetooth® Low Energy and/or IEEE® 802.15.4 packet sniffer or development board. Packet sniffers are essential for wireless network development allowing over-the-air traffic monitoring.

The Kinetis KW40Z/30Z/20Z (KW40Z) wireless MCU family is the first multi-mode radio in the Kinetis portfolio. Integrating a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) v4.1 and IEEE® 802.15.4- 2011 compliant modem, it can support both standards and run in concurrent mode.


  • Home automation
    • Access control
    • Lighting control
    • Smart thermostats
    • Water heater control
    • Curtain/window blind control
    • Intruder alarms
    • Remote control
  • Building automation
    • Building control and monitoring
    • Building HVAC control
    • Fire/security
    • Retail pricing management
    • Security and access control
    • Usage data collection
  • Healthcare
    • Fitness monitoring
    • Home healthcare
    • Institutional care
    • Medication asset
    • Patient monitoring


  • Supports MKW40Z160VHT4, MKW30Z160VHM4, MKW20Z160VHT4 Kinetis W MCUs
  • Integrated MK22FN512VMP12 MCU
  • Radio (RF) Features
    • High performance 2.4 GHz transceiver supporting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v4.1 and IEEE 802.15.4-2011
    • -91 dBm BLE and -102 dBm 802.15.4 receive sensitivity
    • Up to 5 dBm programmable transmit output power
    • 6.5 mA / 8.4 mA Rx/Tx power consumption (DC/DC enabled)
    • Chip antenna
    • Minimum number of matching components and external balun
  • Software/Protocol Stacks
    • Bluetooth Low Energy Host Stack and Application Profiles
    • Thread (end device only)
    • ZigBee Pro and Application Profiles
    • IEEE 802.15.4-2011 MAC/PHY
    • NXP Simple MAC (SMAC)
  • OpenSDA debug interface
  • USB Type A Connector

Ships With

  • USB-KW40Z packet sniffer/dongle
  • Quick start guide

Required Tools

Accessory Tools



Schematics/Layout Files

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