Sir i am making a 60V battery pack with 3.2V and 10A small battery cell. And the battery takes lot of time to charge with 3.5 V charger that i am useing now, I reasearched to increase the charge speed I got to know Traditional 12V charger can be used to charge battery Can I use 12V charger to charge 3V battery, what might happen, is there any solution.

Thank you for your time please calrify

Can i change 3.5 V charger to which capacity charger

  • I agree with Douglas.


    You do not want to fool around with charging any lithium based battery.

    Now I have seen some articles where people have built a cooling system for the batteries, which can allow them to be safely charged faster, but it requires very precise monitoring of the battery temperature.



  • 12V would likely destroy a 3.2V battery.

    Optimal high speed charging requires controlling the current and adjustment based on battery temperature and voltage.

    It is difficult to optimize charging cells in series, since each cell is different.