Weller 200W High Powered Digital Soldering Stations

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This month, we are pleased to be giving away 3 Weller 200W High Powered Digital Soldering Stations – the WX1010, WX1012 and WX2020. The soldering stations have a temperature range of 150° F to 850° F, with an accuracy of +/- 17° F (9° C). The WX1012 station comes with a WXP65 Pencil which has a 0098" / 0.25mm Micro Tip. While the WX1010 an WX2020 both come with the WXP120 Pencil which has a .094" x 1.420" Reach Chisel Tip. The WX2020 has 2 soldering pencils and 2 iron stands. The stations are rated at an input of 120V.





The Weller WX system keeps your cost of ownership low with Intelligent power management to conserve energy and an exceptional degree of tool compatibility.


200 I   240W Total Power

Supports operation of one 200W tool or simultaneous   operation of two 120W tools (WX2 Only)

Viewable   From All Angles

Blue LED Backlighting to strengthen   visibility

Global   Language Support

Display multiple languages through menu selection

Intuitive   Interface

Six touch keys with radius finger guide for   turn-and-click navigation

Robust   Touch Screen

Patented, capacitive touch screen made of antistatic,   chemical and temperature resistant glass

Intelligent   Tool Recognition

Quick change connectors enable rapid tool   interchange

Multi-Purpose USB Port

Quick and localized software updates, parameter   configuration and data logging via USB stick

Intelligent   Accessory Management

Dual port configuration to manage fume extractors,   heating plates and programmable logic controllers

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