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Robox 3D PrinterRobox is a micro manufacturing platform that features a removable head and material feed. Using a FFF dual nozzle head and a suitable filament material feed you can create 3d printed models of any 3d model in .stl format.
  • Works Out of the Box - Plug in the power and USB cord and start printing.. automated bed levelling, intuitive software and advanced hardware all come together to make Robox reliable and easy to use.
  • High Resolution - Robox has one of the highest print resolutions of any FFF printer in the market - 20µm (0.02mm) layers.
  • Dual Nozzle System for Speed - Robox includes a dual-nozzle system which closes the flow of material and lifts the unused nozzle. Up to 300% faster than our competitors.
  • Automatic Material Recognition, No Vendor Lock-in - Robox requires no programming for different materials - just load the SmartReel and go! Each reel contains a chip which is programed with all the necessary parameters. You can load and programme these reels yourself or buy them loaded with filament ready to go.
  • Quick-Change Head - The removable head system allows you to change the function of Robox quickly and easily. Upgrade your Robox to become a dual material printer, stylus cutter, milling head or 3D scanner, the possibilities are endless!
  • Replaceable, 'Tape-less' and Removable PEI Bed - Sticky when hot, free when cool - no hassle. The print surface is easily removable - allowing for easy replacement for other functions.
  • Future Proof - Robox is ready for a second extruder, and we've kept in mind all possible later upgrades.
  • Compact Frame and Case Design - The frame and motion systems are extremely rigid and accurately positioned. BIG parts can be cut into multiple sections keeping the printer desktop but your projects endless.
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  • Testers are required to produce a full, comprehensive and well thought out review within 2 months of receipt of the product.
  • Failure to provide this review within the above timescale will result in the enrolee being excluded from future RoadTests.
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  • Sadly there were a lot of issues when they sent the units out and I was to hold off on reviewing the unit until I got a functional production unit.  I had sent the unit back shortly after receiving it and did not get it returned until shortly before I wrote up that review.  Most of that time was spent waiting image 


    Hence the late reviews.

  • Peter, your issue sounds very similar to what was experiencing, if the board moves down when the head pushes on it I could see how that would fool the calibration mechanism. I think getting that flat (or asking Robox for a replacement bed) will go a long way to getting you better prints.


    The problems of 3D printing are very similar to those of welding. When you unevenly heat something it will tend to bend. There are 3 things you can do, 1) reduce the heat, slower travel will help that, also printing bigger or multiple things 2) improve the clamping, so bigger bases on your designs or some how improve bed adhesion and 3) even out the heat, getting a high ambient temperature should help that, it was possible with earlier software to leave the bed heater on, or again print many things so that the head does not spend all it's time in one location.


    For bed cleaning I did some experiments with the earlier Robox I was given, I used a slightly abrasive hand cleaner gently rubbed on and wiped off, then heated up the bed to 60 degrees and cleaned off the residue with a kitchen towel.


    I do get some curl around the edges, see the picture below. Also some designs print better than others, circles are good, snow flakes bad. For example, I modified the part below so that the 3mm ∅ hole does not go all the way down to the bed as those little holes did not stick well. The hole then is post processed with a bradawl.


  • Hi Guys


    I have just received my prize from the IOT of Holiday lights, being the ROBOX 3D printer and am having a fw difficulties you may be able to hep with as im real new to 3D printing


    Curling a the corners of the model up from the PTE bed as much as 1/16" in some cases and the walls not sticking to each other


    this is using ABS, I have tried upping the temperature by 5 or 10 deg but it did not fix the issue.


    I also noted the bed at the rear right does not lay flat on the aluminium bed and has some sprin in it causing the print in that area to be none existent or so thin it is see through while in the diagonally oposit corner is is just touching the bed.


    The ROBOX support so far has sugested roughing the bed with a plastic scotch pad to provide a better key for the ABS and also to flex the board (When Cold) to put a natural curve on it to forse it onto the bed when re-mounted but this will not get that corner down without compramizing the other areas so before I do anything like that I would like to hear from you folks to see what experiance ou have had so far with thisprinter and what settings your using


    so far I have tried printing the case for the PI2 designed by ROBOX which turned out almost perfect but stll some curl, and the case Frederick designed for te Gizmo 2, top and botom printered ok but still had some curl, but the middle part (TALL and Thin walls) curled up in the corners so badly it was un usable


    Thanks in avance fo the feedback, I will try to post images etc in the next couple of days if I cant crack it



  • Only 2 reviews out of the 4.  I was hoping for a better percentage but oh well.  Great reviews Andy and Doug!  I hope you guys had fun with them.  image

  • It's got a build volume of 210 x 150 x 100mm


    I got quite close to the max size with my magnifier lamp which was 140 x 160mm.

  • x( i was'nt able to enroll for the road test. This looks like it has more building space than a MakerBot,etc ..

  • Martin and Jessie's are still pending although if they only got their printers in the middle of last month, they still have another month to go to produce a review.


    That's a good point .

  • Hi Kas,

    here's my review.


    and all the blog posts



    Doug's review is here



    Martin and Jessie's are still pending although if they only got their printers in the middle of last month, they still have another month to go to produce a review.





  • I dont see any of the usual links to the review under the selected peoples names, its not even clear from what I see who was selected.


    I hear the frustration (I have had this for a while with other AWESOME road tests) and I am working hard so as not to cause the same with my road test even if I will need to add content after the due date.