Review of Keithley 2110-120 Digital Multimeter

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RoadTest: Keithley 2110-120 Digital Multimeter

Author: sqkybeaver

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?:

What were the biggest problems encountered?: compatibility with visa drivers from Tektronix, caused misidentified instruments. this issue was fixed by using national instruments visa drivers.

Detailed Review:

The keithley 2110 5-1/2 digit multimeter is very budget friendly with a list price of $595 and $725 with the GPIB option, packing many of the features found on modern multimeters. It's 0.012% basic DC accuracy lends well to calibrating other equipment on my bench like a keithley 197A picked up in unknown condition from a local surplus store. It fits nicely on the bench and is only about an inch longer than the 197A.


The keithley 2110 is quick to learn, and easy to use. The dual measurement feature is somewhat straight forward. And the dataloging capability came in handy while fermenting a batch of octoberfest. The KI-Tool allows quick plotting on a pc, and exporting data is quick and simple.


Construction is excelent, there is plenty of isolation between the frontend and the rest of the unit. Sufficiant sheilding for a 5.5 digit meter. The plastic housing helps keep weight down and the chasis is a stamped sheet metal providing plenty of rigidity. The rubber like buffers wrapped around the front and back provide some protection in case you drop it(or happen to hit your head on the corner.)


There are only two issues I have ran into while using the meter. First the fused banana jacks can become disconected when inserting and removing with a slight twist. This is not a huge problem however it was more anoying than it needed to be. Second the keithley pc drivers caused some conflicts with some tektronix software on the lab pc while using the usb. I would suggest than if you need to use other lab equipment when datalogging you start with the NI-visa drivers instead of keithley's or tektronix's drivers. This was how i was able tu use the meter with an oscilloscope without unexpected disconnections and software conflicts.


The included probes are some of the finest I have seen in some time, Updated for the new cat ratings and plenty flexable. The mains input is switchable for whatever regon you may take it to.


The keithley 2110 digital bench meter would make a good addition for any educational labratory with a tight budgett. It is also hobbiest friendly with a basic price tag just a little higher than most 4-1/2 digit handheld meters. It aquires readings very quickly in default settings, has a bucket full of math features that rivals most oscilloscopes like Averaging, null, dB, and dBm to name a few.


Thanks go to Keithley and Element14 for providing me with a great piece of equipment to use and review. As with any of my reviews, if you wish to ask me anything specific, please feel free to do so.