Infineon / Arduino IoT Bundle - Review

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RoadTest: Infineon / Arduino IoT Bundle

Author: pettitda

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Evaluation Type: Independent Products

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Raspberry Pi

What were the biggest problems encountered?: No real issues were encountered

Detailed Review:

Arduino Yun:


There's lots of really good documentation on the website which explains getting started with the Arduino Yun.  I found setup easy and straightforward. See Arduino - ArduinoYun for the getting started guide.  The thing I found disconcerting was that upgrading the OpenWRT-Yun image required use of a microSD card.  Why can't I update the image through the USB cable???


Infineon Motor Control Arduino Shield:


My biggest beef about the Infineon shields is that they don't come with the stacking headers to stack on top of an Arduino.  I could understand not soldering them onto the board, but they should be at least included in the box.  I also share the opinion with others on the forums that the motor control shield was not designed with stacking in mind.  They could have done quite a bit more to make it fit in a stack.  To test out the board I needed to solder headers on the board, plug headers into the Yun, and then use clip on cables to bridge between the two.  I had just enough cables to make all of the necessary connections.  However, once I had everything hooked up, all I had to do was load the sketch that created for his post Infineon DC Motor Control Shield - Observations, Modifications & Tests and I was off and running (literally, well the motor that is...).


Infineon Lighting RGB LED Arduino Shield:

Again, the lighting shield did not come with the stacking headers, neither installed or included in the box.  However, I was able to test out the board by soldering headers onto the board and then clip hookup wires between them and another set of headers plugged into the Arduino board.  This time, I downloaded the Arduino sketch from the Infineon website at the page Boards and Shields for Arduino - Infineon Technologies and referenced the page by at RGB LED Shield from Infineon - Getting Started Guide.  The sketch worked as advertised and lit up the high powered LEDs with no issues. 


Thanks to Element14 and Infineon for giving me the opportunity to roadtest these boards.