Flusso FLS110 Mass Flow Sensor Evaluation Kit

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RoadTest: Flusso FLS110 Mass Flow Sensor Evaluation Kit

Author: aaryan2134

Creation date:

Evaluation Type: Evaluation Boards

Did you receive all parts the manufacturer stated would be included in the package?: True

What other parts do you consider comparable to this product?: Siargo FS6122 and AFM3000 Mass Flow Meter

What were the biggest problems encountered?: No issues encountered. Worked completely fine

Detailed Review:


Hi Readers! 

This is my Roadtest Review for Flusso FLS110 Mass Flow Sensor. I was really looking forward to test this as it was my first time using a mass flow sensor. Also I was looking forward to see its some great features out of the box and plug and play functionality.

About Me

I am Aaryan. I am currently a 3rd year student at Delhi Technological University pursuing Computer Engineering.

Email: aaryan2134@gmail.com

Github - aaryan2134



The kit included:

  • Fluidic Fixture
  • Push-in connectors
  • USB Adapter





Fluidic Fixture:

USB Adapter:

Completed Connections

About the kit:

The FLS110 is an SMT, compact-sized flow sensor that can be configured to measure mass flow, volume flow, airspeed or differential pressure. You can log flow and temperature data in minutes.

The FLS110 is an analogue mass flow sensor based on the principle of a hot wire anemometer. It is a solid-state, silicon-MEMS sensor die in an open-cavity plastic package with two flow ports. To make a digital flow (or differential pressure) sensing solution for your application, the FLS110 is combined with a standard microcontroller running firmware provided by Flusso. The firmware is rich with features for system level characterization, calibration, and modes of operation. It can be configured and even customized to your exact needs for sensing accuracy.


  • Small footprint: 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0.5 sccm +0.5% measured value.
  • Measures flow to 500 slm or more.
  • Fully temperature-compensated for a reliable flow signal.
  • Configurable operational modes and features.
  • FLS110 can be integrated where measurements matter.
  • Displaying mass flow, volumetric flow, air speed or differential pressure.
  • Outstanding product performance, robustness, reliability.
  • Complete digital flow sensing solution’ for fast product development.
  • Fully customisable for performance and cost.
  • Optimized for automated, high-speed product manufacturing processes.
  • Full design support: from concepts to manufacturing.

How to get started:

  1. Just plug in the ribbon cable to the fluidic fixture and USB adapter.
  2. Install the software from the website – link
  3. Just plug the USB adapter to your desktop
  4. Double click the "setup.exe" file from the downloaded software
  5. Open "FLS110 Evaluation Kit GUI.application"
  6. And you are all ready for measuring any kind of flow!

Taking readings:

  1. Calibrate the sensor according to your flow and surroundings
  2. Tick the logging button if logs are required
  3. Select the appropriate measurement method as per your requirement
  4. Click the start button
  5. Now, you see on the graph the measurement of the flow
  6. The log file can be used for after research after the measurement

Some Results:

GUI Interface


Continuous short bursts of air


Long air burst measurement


Short air burst measurement


Log File Generated:


What did I find best:

Everything went super smooth. Downloading was super easy and the connections were very intuitive. It worked on the very first instance I plugged the device to my desktop. The measurement accuracy is great and we can see instant plots and log files!

The log files are very useful for error detection activities and research work.

Things to look out for:

Nothing as such. Just go for it if you want maximum accuracy and ease of use.


Overall, it is a good product which is really easy to use. This makes it great for DIY projects and research work without using any complicated thing. The documentation, tutorials and support is great too. Even they have provided guidance on how to use this for your application and ideas as well


Go to this link for Firmware downloads

Go to this link for Eval Kit GUI download  (Windows 10)

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Go to this link to view 5 tutorial videos