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Summer of Sensors Design Challenge

4 Challenges, 4 Sensory Kits and 4 Ways to Win

Participate in one of our four Design Challenges for the Summer of Sensors! Contestants will be selected to receive one of four different kits, tailored to a specific theme. The winners of these individual challenges will demonstrate the best use of the SensorXplorer, bio sensors, smart asset tracking, and the best air quality application.

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In the Air Tonight: Best Air Quality application using the ZMOD4510-EVK or HS4000-EVK
Prize: Philips AC0820 Series 8 Air Purifier + 11" iPad Pro 128GB WiFi
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TAG You’re it: Best Smart Asset Tracking using the STEVAL-SMARTAG1
Prize: Apple Air Tags 4 Pack + 11" iPad Pro 128GB WiFi
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Exploration Station: Best use of the SensorXplorer and sensor range
Prize: Garmin GPS Rugged GPS Smart Watch + 11" iPad Pro 128GB WiFi
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Healing Touch: Best use of the MikroE Bio Sensors and the Arduino Uno
Prize: Under Bed IoT Sleep Tracker + 11" iPad Pro 128GB WiFi
All challengers who complete their project by the submission deadline: 7th October 2022 will receive a MultiComp Pro Multimeter Set
Blog - Post List
  • My Finisher Prize!

    Hello everyone! After participating in the "Summer of Sensors Design Challenge" I received this Multicomp Pro MP730655 multimeter as a finisher bonus. Pictures in the gallery below. I wanted to do a blog about this DMM for some time, but I didn't hav...
  • Received my grand prize - Summer of Sensors

    Hey there! I won the first prize in the recent contest by Element14! They sent me an amazing iPad Pro 12.9 inch and a multimeter, which is just beyond awesome! I participated in the Summer of Sensors contest by sharing my blogs and ideas, a...
  • Received Summer of Sensors Grand Prize Reward

    Hello everyone. Late in 2022 I was announced as Grand Prize winner of Summer of Sensors Design Challenge in category In the Air Tonight. As part of competition, I wrote 9 blog posts regarding my experiments with Renesas ZMOD4510 Outdoor Air Quality S...
  • VEML3328 Last-Minute Entry: Blog #6 Color Detection

    Hello everyone. In previous five blogs I evaluated VEML3328 color sensor. Today I will show only software update. Contest ended but because I did not take my application in this category seriously, I am posting it two days after deadline. Outcome fro...
  • Designing a Small Health Monitoring System for the Elderly - HMS Blog #5 - Final Build

    Hi! This is my fifth and final blog for the Summer of Sensors Design Challenge. In this blog, I go over designing and assembling an HMS and an HMS Mini, as well as testing them. Besides that, I have a guest star who volunteered to test out both devices and give her opinion on them! In the end, I go all over all of the things that I covered in the previous blog for this Design Challenge. Hope you enjoy it!
  • Environmental Station - Phase #3 - [Enclosure design and...schedule failed!]

    It's always difficult to plan something you want to do, but is not your job. I really wanted to "play seriously" with these toys ad I with was thinking about a good plan for my project. But first the start was postponed, overcoming the ...
  • Environmental Station - Phase #2 [Exploration]

    Unboxing and first tests with air quality and humidity/temperature sensor These modules came in a nice form factor. I have only two critics to do: 1) The HS4000 demo board has an old USB-MiniB connector, which is not used anymore recently, so you ca...
  • VEML3328 Last-Minute Entry: Blog #5 Summary

    And this is my last blog. I completed it in time. It is three minutes to midnight, and I am posting this blog. It was super fun but very stressful. At the end I have seen working VEML3328 sensor. All outputs made sense which is nice from this super-f...
  • VEML3328 Last-Minute Entry: Blog #4 Program and Experimenting

    Hello everyone. I welcome you to forth from five blog about VEML3328. This blog I wrote as my last-minute entry to the Summer of Sensors Competition in category Exploration stations. It is forth of five blogs. I decided to start and complete this pro...
  • VEML3328 Last-Minute Entry: Blog #3 Creating Library

    Hello everyone. I welcome you to my third (from five) blogs about VEML3328. I decided to join this competition in this category 6 hours before deadline. In previous blog I described my motivation and my breakout. Now I will briefly describe my own li...