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  • DIY 3-D Printed 4-Wire Kelvin LCR Adapter for SMD Components

    In this post, I present a DIY 3D printed adapter for 4-wire Kelvin measurement of SMD components with an LCR meter.  The adapter has been tested with the Multicomp Pro handheld LCR meter (rebranded Hantek 1833C) and should work with the DER DE-5...
  • The Missing Link (BBC-PCB)

    BackgroundI recently used breadboards in a couple of projects and rediscovered some of their utility as well as many of the myriad reasons why I stopped using them years ago.I started to list all the reasons why I was turned off breadboards, in a hum…
  • SCDVM : Solar Cell Characteristic Measurement

    For the DIY Test Instrument Project14 Challenge I decided that I wanted to make something using a graphic display and something I have been playing with this summer (when the sun actually shines!) are solar cells. Solar cells are interesting things a…