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Follow along with the 50 RoadTesters as they test the kit: AVNET Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit


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This demo webinar will cover an overview of Microsoft’s highly secured Azure Sphere MCU and the eco-system focused on security at the edge, OS, and cloud. The webinar will also show how new designs can leverage the advantages of an Avnet Sphere module, and how you can use the Avnet Sphere Starter Kit to rapidly prototype your next IoT solution.  The webinar will also discuss Avnet’s exclusive partnership with Microsoft.





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A live demonstration will condense the concepts down into a working example of the value which Sphere and Azure Cloud Services can bring to your next product design.



Kevin Keryk


Kevin Keryk is a Software Engineering Manager with Avnet. He is a Computer Engineer by degree, Technical Marketing Manager by day, and an embedded software programming addict from an impressionable age which has turned into a mostly-healthy fascination with FPGA and other hardware craft over the past 10 years at Avnet..


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IoT Skills - Learn How to Rapidly Secure Your IoT Design with Azure Sphere - V6.pdf