Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) platform for Motor Control

Listen to an expert discuss the evaluation and testing of 3 phase motor drive system solutions using the iMOTION™ MADK evaluation.




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The iMOTION™ MADK evaluation platform offers easy evaluation and testing of 3 phase motor drive system solutions, covering 115/230 V motor drive applications up to 300 W. The platform is offering a modular and scalable system solution with 2 different control board options and a range of power boards.  This modular approach with a standardized interface between the different controller and power boards allows users to mix and match for a maximum flexibility and scalability during evaluation and development phase at affordable cost.


What the Attendees Will Learn

  • Overview of the MADK Portfolio
  • Description of the EVAL-M1-099M and EVAL-M1-05-65D board features
  • How to use the MADK to run the 3-phase BLDC/PMSM motor






Presenter: Jatin Khurana


Jatin Khurana works with Infineon Technologies, Singapore, as a Staff Engineer for Industrial Power Control applications.  He has 15 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, working in the field of Microcontroller applications and System design for motor control.

Webinar Recording

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