Meet our Video Hosts

element14 video hosts - also known as Video Content Partners - are makers and engineers who create the videos that make our channels great.

About element14's Content Partner Program

element14's Content Partner Program

The element14 Community is the first online community specifically built for electronics engineers.  It’s a place where people go to find out about new products, ask questions (and get answers) and see what other engineers have created.


Why is element14 doing this?

In our ongoing effort to be the place with to go for the best electronics content, we have launched the element14 Video Content Partner Program. We’re interested in supporting engineers who create interesting projects, who teach the skills they’ve learned along the way, and who like to do that in entertaining videos.


What Types of Compensation or Support are Available?

That depends on what you need!  If we like your idea and decide to work together, we can offer you:

  • Components from our ecommerce partners
  • Cash for your completed video published on element14
  • Access to our video team of camera operators and editors for assistance on creating high quality videos

That's just the starting list -- we can offer support beyond this as well.  Tell us your ideas and how we can help support you!


What if I already have a YouTube Channel?



We'd like your YouTube Channel to continue to flourish and grow. There are a variety of ways that we can work together to support you and your efforts to create content. 


On the Community, our Video Content Partners will have an informational page, link to other videos from their YouTube Channel (your videos will still get the “views” credit on YouTube) and links to your channel or other online destinations featuring your work.


When your video launches we will support it with Social Media and paid advertising to ensure it gets the attention it deserves.

How Do I Get Started as a Video Content Partner (VCP)?

Complete this Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), sign it, scan it and email it to


Why an NDA?

What type of information is likely to be disclosed or discussed that requires the NDA?

element14 considers the very nature of our Video Content Program to be a strategic differentiator in the electronics industry.  One of the things that the NDA covers is how the VCP program works. The NDA would also cover things like new product introductions.  If we asked you to do a video on a product before it’s commercially released, we would be giving you that product and information in confidence.


Will matters considered confidential be explicitly labeled as such, or do I need to assume anything discussed from the point of signing as confidential?

Assume everything is confidential unless it’s already in the public domain. Uncertain?  Just ask.


Have more questions?  Please add them in the comments below.