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Episode 650: Using Nordic's nRF7002, My Dehumidifier Tells Me When It's Full!

Episode 649: Giant Retro Gaming Magic Mirror with a Raspberry Pi 5!

Episode 648: Home AI Image Generation Server with LattePanda and Stable Diffusion

Episode 647: Building an Open-Source Tool for Cave Surveying

Episode 646: Creating a Digital Roulette Table with an ESP32 DevKit

Episode 645: Practical DIY Pi Pico Current Load Circuits

Episode 644: Turning a Raspberry Pi Pico into a GPU!

Episode 643: Making a Tribble that Detects Klingons

Episode 642: Making a Time-lapse Camera with a Raspberry Pi 5

Episode 641: Moon Phase Display with Raspberry Pi Pico

Episode 640: Tinkering vs Engineering: Can You Build a Laptop from Scratch?

Episode 639: Off-Grid Remote Generator Starter?

Episode 638: RP2040 PCB: Design, Turn-On, and Debug - How Hard Could It Be?

Episode 637: Making Music with a Lego Guitar and Capacitive Touch

Episode 636: Creating an IMU based 3D Mouse with an ESP32-S3

Episode 635: Vintage Electronics Exploration with a Bally Cypress Gardens Bingo Machine

Episode 634: Craft a Festive LED Christmas Sweater Featuring the ATtiny416

Episode 633: Spying Under the Christmas Tree with an Arduino-powered Ornament

Episode 632: Revamping Old School Pinball with an ESP32

Episode 631: All-Purpose Debugging: A Practical Universal Screen with LCD Displays

Episode 630: Mega IIe: First Fully Functional Computer built around the Apple Mega-II Chip

Episode 629: Backpack Splash: Mark's Water Gun Upgrade for Epic Outdoor Water Wars!

Episode 628: Affordable DIY Robot Arm - A Deep Dive into 3D Printing and Servo Motors

Episode 627: Creating sudostick - From Prototype to Product

Episode 626: Catching you Up on Bonesnapper Ridge - Off-Grid Maker Shop

Episode 625: Interactive Magic - Creating an Enchanted Cauldron

Episode 624: Modding A Smoke Machine to Add Motion Detection

Episode 623: How to Run Linux on an ESP32

Episode 622: Building Spooky Fun: Halloween Sound Pranks with nRF 5340 BLE Audio

Episode 621: Color Sensor-Based Water Quality Tracker: DIY Environmental Monitoring

Episode 620: Stey-by-Step Guide to Creating your own Speaking Animatronic Hat

Episode 619: How to Build an Open Source Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard

Episode 618: Upgrading My Racing Sim with a Force-Sensitive Keyboard

Episode 617: Simplify Network Monitoring: Building an ESP32-Powered Solution

Episode 616: Mastering Oven Control: Precision Resin Curing with DIY Modifications - How Hard Can it Be?

Episode 615: Building a Unique USB Card Reader: From Idea to Prototype

Episode 614: Using PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) in Robotics - How Hard Could It Be?

Episode 613: Building a Magic Wand Talking Sound Board

Episode 612: Handheld BASIC computer in Badge Format with the Arduino Uno

Episode 611: How to Run the Distance to the Moon with Strava Data and a Pico W Board

Episode 610: How to Embroider with Circuits and Conductive Thread

Episode 609: Updating a Fujitsu N860-2500-T111 Keyboard to Work with a PS2 Standard

Episode 608: Making the Simplest DIY Wind Energy Generator - How Hard Could it Be?

Episode 607: From Strava to Motion: Creating an Arduino-Powered Arcade Game with Running Data

Episode 606: How to Use LoRaWAN to Launch Model Rockets Wirelessly

Episode 605: Arduino and LEDs Make Solitaire Easier to Solve

Episode 604: Charlieplexing Buttons and LEDs at the Same Time - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 603: Create Your Own Air Hockey Table with Arduino Scoring

Episode 602: DIY AC Dimmer Circuit: Control Your Lights with a Raspberry Pi Pico

Episode 601: How to Reverse Engineer Electronics: Building a Developer Board for a Coding Class

Episode 600: Building My Dream Digital Clock: DIY 7 Segment Display with a Cute Robot Twist!

Episode 599: How to Build a Spectrum Analyzer with Lego Bricks & Discrete Electronics

Episode 598: How To Build a Portable, Solar-Charged Off-Grid Power Station

Episode 597: How to Build a Robot that Celebrates Good Grades with Arduino

Episode 596: How to Build Your Own Voice Assistant with MyCroft AI - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 595: Member Challenge Accepted - Universal LANC Controller for DSLR cameras

Episode 594: Repairing a Neewer 660 Studio light - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 593: Playing 3D Famicom Games Wirelessly on the NES - How Hard Could It Be?

Episode 592: Lamptopus: Spinning LED Desk Lamp

Episode 591: Building A Bluetooth Speaker in 5 Minutes - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 590: Seven Kingdoms Open Source Bartop Arcade

Episode 589: Upgrading the iMac G4 With a NUC

Episode 588: Highlights from element14 presents 2022

Episode 587: Create Your Own Talking Stress Indicator

Episode 586: DIY Open Source Bluetooth Headphones

Episode 585: Enhancing a Magnifying Headband with Auto Sensing Light

Episode 584: Going Beyond Periodic Wakes: Using WiFi to Revive a Sleeping Device

Episode 583: Epic Neopixel Birthday Cake

Episode 582: Smart Christmas Decoration with Raspberry Pi Pico and MQTT

Episode 581: Bee-Saving Electronics Prototype

Episode 580: DIY Low Cost Capacitance Meter Using a 555 Timer

Episode 579: How to Make a Basketball Auto Score Keeper Using Colour Sensing

Episode 578: Build your Own Bat Detector with Analog Parts

Episode 577: The Game Guy Mini, Upgrading the Unportable Game Boy!

Episode 576: Build your own Underwater Drone with 3D Printed Parts

Episode 575: How to Make a Secured Parcel Pickup Box with Arduino

Episode 574: Ghost Rider Halloween Costume

Episode 573: Using a Pi Pico to Convert Keyboard Input to Morse Code

Episode 572: How to Use an ESP32 & Camera to Know You've Got Mail!

Episode 571: Using Dead Batteries to Test for Dead Batteries

Episode 570: Making a WiFi Connected Audio Spectrum Analyzer with ESP32

Episode 569: Multi-Spectrum UV Resin Curing Station with Würth LEDs

Episode 568: How to Make a Custom Soundboard with the STM32F4 using FreeCAD

Episode 567: Synced NeoPixel Mickey Mouse Ears

Episode 566: How to Automate Industrial Welding Positioners with Arduino

Episode 565: Measuring Destructive Testing Force with a 20 Ton Hydraulic Press

Episode 564: Build a VU Meter with LED Pixelated Nixie Tubes

Episode 563: Creating Augmented Reality Circuits with Meta Quest 2 and Unity

Episode 562: Pi Home Temperature Monitoring System

Episode 561: WiFi to Parallel Port Ascii Art Dot-Matrix Printer

Episode 560: Raspberry Pi Controlled Lego Train with Build HAT

Episode 559: Create a Magic Makeup Mirror with Pose Detection

Episode 558: 3D Object Rendering Using an FPGA

Episode 557: Create your own Handheld Serial Monitor for Project Debugging

Episode 556: Hacking a Hotel POS Tablet - How Hard Can it Be?

Episode 555: Dance Central Pose Estimation Game with Tensorflow and Raspberry Pi

Episode 554: Arduino Uno Mini Limited Edition LED Necklace

Episode 553: Adding a Parallel Printer Port to an Android Phone

Episode 552: Magical Potion Bottle Rack

Episode 551: Can We Rebuild a 1930s Accounting Machine?

Episode 550: DIY Electronic Controlled Motorized Wheelchair

Episode 549: Using a Teletype Machine as a USB Printer with Arduino

Episode 548: Electronic Fidget Cube, Building Your Ideas!

Episode 547: Creating a “Mummy” Wake Word Detector with Raspberry Pi and Edge Impulse

Episode 546: Mapping the Outputs of a 1960s Teletype Machine - How Hard Can it Be?

Episode 545: Designing a Custom PCB for Microsoft Jacdac

Episode 544: Reviving the 1984 IBM 5155 - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 543: Lego Spike Prime Weather Station with Raspberry Pi

Episode 542: A Noise-Free DIY Switching Power Supply - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 541: Vintage Laptop Battery Replaced with USB Power - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 540: Object Detection for Smart Recycling

Episode 539: Training a Machine to Recognize Objects - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 538: How to Build a Quadruped Robot - NO MATH!

Episode 537: Build a Phonograph Preamplifier - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 536: Interactive Light-Up Window with Pose Detection using a Raspberry Pi and micro:bit

Episode 535: Repair a Sega Game Gear - How Hard Can It Be?

Episode 534: Open Source Inventory Warehousing System

Episode 533: Jumbo DIY LED

Episode 532: World’s First Single-Chip Apple II Boots!

Episode 531: Game Guy - The Unportable Game Boy

Episode 530: MQTT controlled LED Christmas Baubles with Raspberry Pi Pico

Episode 529: UPDI Program for new ATTiny

Episode 528: Let's Build an Electronic Fidget Cube!

Episode 527: Interactive Light Up Window using a Raspberry Pi and micro:bit

Episode 526: CNC Router Remote Control

Episode 525: DIY Helmholtz Snow Globe

Episode 524: Arduino IoT Cloud Weather Station

Episode 523: Make your Own Auto-Sensing Solder Fume Extractor

Episode 522: Siren Head Halloween Wearable Costume

Episode 521: DIY Static Grass Applicator

Episode 520: Adding Android Auto as Non-Permanent Add-On with Raspberry Pi

Episode 519: Make Your Own Ye Olde Book Nook Diorama with Arduino

Episode 518: Guitar Vacuum Tube Distortion Pedal

Episode 517: Emulate an EPROM - How Hard Could it Be?

Episode 516: Modding a Wireless Doorbell with Raspberry Pi and ESP8266

Episode 515: Upcycling a Lenovo PC into a Raspberry Pi WiFi Access Point

Episode 514: Making a 3D Graphics Card for the Atari 800 XL

Episode 513: Bike Speedometer with Arduino and GPS

Episode 512: You Cannot Buy This Vacuum Tube Tester. You Build It!

Episode 511:  Raspberry Pi Powered Cheeseball Launcher

Episode 510: Laser Cutter Command Station

Episode 509: DIY Discrete Logic LED Countdown Timer

Episode 508: Raspberry Pi FPV Rover Easy Robot Arm Upgrade

Episode 507: Massive Raspberry Pi

Episode 506: DIY Star Trek Tricorder from Build Inside the Box

Episode 505: Super 8 Camera Digitizer

Episode 504: DIY Sump Pump Alarm

Episode 503: Meet Cheesoid - The Robot That Smells!

Episode 502: Make Your Bike a Pokebike!

Episode 501: Raspberry Pi NFC Button-Free Music Player

Episode 500:  Build Inside The Box Challenge!

Episode 499: DIY Four Channel Arduino Servo Tester

Episode 498: Raspberry Pi Smart Water Dispenser

Episode 497: RFID Pocket Money Keeper

Episode 496: Compute Module 4 Powered 3D Printer Board

Episode 495: Magic GIF Ball Powered By Raspberry Pi

Episode 494: Keyboard Shortcuts Keypad with Raspberry Pi Pico

Episode 493: NeoPixel 7 Segment Display Clock Update

Episode 492: Arduino vs 555 Timer - Tiny Slot Car Racers

Episode 491: Arduino Single-Wheel Balancing Robot

Episode 490: DIY Raspberry Pi Pico Fizz Buzz Multiplication Game

Episode 489: Build An FPV Rover with Raspberry Pi

Episode 488: DIY Raspberry Pi Cyberdeck

Episode 487: DIY MagSafe Battery Charger

Episode 486: Make The Ultimate Phone Charging Camping Flashlight

Episode 485: How To Make A Custom PCB From Design To Assembly

Episode 484: Raspberry Pi Bird Watching Camera

Episode 483: DIY Miniature Multimeter

Episode 482: Gigantic 3D Printed 7 Segment Display Clock

Episode 481: DIY LOST Swan Station Split Flap Display Timer

Episode 480: DIY Toothbrush Timer

Episode 479: Raspberry Pi 2XL Robot Assistant Part 2

Episode 478: Upgrading A Christmas Train

Episode 477: Metal Plate Your 3D Prints with a DIY Galvanizing Machine

Episode 476: IoT Arduino NTP World Clock with SPI Display

Episode 475: DIY Wall Mounted Arduino Barometer

Episode 474: Continuum Robot Tentacle Prototype

Episode 473: Mendel 3D Printer Upgrade and Maintenance

Episode 472: DIY Hydration Reminder System

Episode 471: DIY Dance Dance Revolution Mat

Episode 470: Voice Activated Inspector Gadget Hat

Episode 469: Nintendo Super Scope Modded For Modern Televisions

Episode 468: Socially Distanced Halloween Candy Dispenser

Episode 467: Repairing the World's First Laptop! (Epson HX-20)

Episode 466: Arduino-powered Hexadecimal Color Code Clock

Episode 465: Lego Raspberry Pi HQ Camera

Episode 464: Particle Voice Recognition for Home Appliances

Episode 463: Raspberry Pi Speech to Text LED Face Mask

Episode 462: Joycon Controlled Electronic Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots

Episode 461: Portal 2 Security Camera with Raspberry Pi 2

Episode 460: Trinamic Open Source Ventilator (TOSV) Teardown

Episode 459: Raspberry Pi 4 VR Conference Call Assistant

Episode 458: DIY Arduino Automated Metal Bending Machine

Episode 457: Raspberry Pi 4 Animatronic Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons

Episode 456: Unhackable Arduino Switch Matrix

Episode 455: Arduino Unit Conversion Calculator

Episode 454: Soldering Up the rc2014 Homebrew Z80 Computer Kit

Episode 453: Build an Anti-Troll Bot Using TensorFlow and Arduino

Episode 452: Raspberry Pi 4 Experimental Resin 3D Printer Updated!

Episode 451: Build an Off Grid Wikipedia with Raspberry Pi

Episode 450: Sega GameGear Rebuild with LEDs

Episode 449: DIY Tamagotchi - Build a Virtual Pet

Episode 448: DIY Raspberry Pi 4 Boxing Game

Episode 447: DIY Stop Motion Rig with LattePanda

Episode 446: Raspberry Pi 2XL Robot Assistant Part 1

Episode 445: Raspberry Pi 4 Animatronic BD-1 Companion Robot

Episode 444: Raspberry Pi 4 DVR

Episode 443: Arduino Uno RC Remote - Can It Be Done?

Episode 442: Make Your Own Giant Servo

Episode 441: Raspberry Pi 4 International Space Station Tracker

Episode 440: DIY Arduino Helicopter Collective Joystick Control

Episode 439 - Mechanical Arcade Game with Barebones Arduino

Episode 438: Smartphone Controlled DIY Rover Using Websockets

Episode 437: DIY Motorized Zoom for Your DSLR

Episode 436: Automated Raspberry Pi Planet Tracking GOTO Telescope

Episode 435: Raspberry Pi 4 Music Player w/Analog Controls

Episode 434: Infineon Smart City Model

Episode 433: Arduino Based Love Tester

Episode 432: Super FX Sword using the BBC micro:bit

Episode 431: Room-Sized Studio Light Speakers Combo

Episode 430: Flaming Xylophone Rubens' Tube

Episode 429: YouTuber "On Air" Light with Particle Mesh Network

Episode 428: Raspberry Pi 4 CRT-based VR Headset

Episode 427: DIY Retro Gaming Portable on a Budget!

Episode 426: Retro TV Ads Holiday Ornament

Episode 425: Make Your Own Raspberry Pi 4 Photobooth!

Episode 424: DIY Escape Room Puzzle

Episode 423: Programmable Arduino Synthesizer Watch

Episode 422: Raspberry Pi E-Ink Task Organizer

Episode 421: Raspberry Pi 4 Commodore SX-64 Inspired Portable Computer

Episode 420: DIY Shapeoko CNC Pendant

Episode 419: Altair 8800 Laptop

 Episode 418: Animatronic Terminator Skull with BeagleBoneRegistered AI 

Episode 417: #Pipboy 2000 Mk II

Episode 416: DIY #3DPrinted Label Spooler

Episode 415: Iron Man Helmet Heads Up Display

Episode 414: Raspberry Pi 4 Experimental Resin 3D Printer

Episode 413: Animatronic Claptrap Case Mod Part 2

Episode 412: Get to Know Your ADC with a DIY Temperature Probe

Episode 411: Animatronic Claptrap Computer Case - Part 1

Episode 410: MacPro G5 Cheese Grater with Raspberry Pi 4

Episode 409: Commodore SX-64 Restoration

Episode 408: Hand Soldered LED Oscilloscope

Episode 407: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi 4 Laptop

Episode 406: Automated Robot Artist

Episode 405: RC Ornithopter Concept

Episode 404: Arduino Powered Close Encounters Midi Light Board

Episode 403: Upcycled IoT Coffee Pot Ramen Maker

Episode 402: PiPhone++ The Giant Raspberry Pi Flip Phone

Episode 401: Matrix Voice Controlled Robot

Episode 400: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Stress Test

Episode 399: Candle-Powered Robotl

Episode 398: Let Me Out Hooman! Bluetooth Dog Doorbell

Episode 397: Steam Powered Retropie Console

Episode 396: Arduino Retro LED Matrix Handheld

Episode 395: Raspberry Pi Stop Motion Machine

Episode 394: Animatronic GLaDOS Head with Raspberry Pi

Episode 393: GameBoy Walkman

Episode 392: Multi-Line Telephone Intercom

Episode 391: First Person View RC Car with PS2 Steering Wheel

Episode 390: Retro Texting Smart Watch of the Future!

Episode 389: PlayStation Classic Portable Prototype

Episode 388: FPGA MIDI Music Synthesizer

Episode 387: Rotocell - The Rotary Cell Phone of the Future!

Episode 386: Xybernaut Wearable PC

Episode 385: 20 PCB Design Pitfalls

Episode 384: Retro Gaming Handheld Without a PCB

Episode 383: Gameboy Wireless Link Cable (DMG1)

Episode 382: Modding a Super 8 Camera into a Digital

Episode 381: Reverse Music Box

Episode 380: NES Zapper on RetroPie

Episode 379: Macroscope Soldering Tool

Episode 378: Invader ZIM Animatronic GIR

Episode 377: Altair 8800 Replica

Episode 376: 4D Gaming with the Matrix Creator

Episode 375: Hacked Fetal Detector Music Synthesizer

Episode 374: Raspberry Pi Donkey Kong Holiday Ornament

Episode 373: Raspberry Pi Fallout Terminal PC

Episode 372: Raspberry Pi Auto Etch A SketchTm

Episode 371: FPGA "Game Genie" for Atari 2600

Episode 370: Raspberry Pi NOAA Satellite Receiver

Episode 369: Recreating the Atari Portfolio

Episode 368: Arduino Automatic Wire Cutter and Stripper

Episode 367: Most Useless IoT Device Ever - Part 2

Episode 366: Infinity Icosahedron

Episode 365: Twilight Zone Fortune Telling Machine

Episode 364: Raspberry Pi Virtual Reality Arcade #VR

Episode 363 - Add a Motor to your Bike with Arduino

Episode 362: Most Worthless IoT Device Ever Pt. 1

Episode 361: R.O.B Rebuild and Upgrade

Episode 360: Make Your Own Raspberry Pi Cell Phone

Episode 359: Make Your Own CNC Pyrography Wood Burner

Episode 358: The Shrimp of Terror!

Episode 357: Raspberry Pi Asteroid Tracker

Episode 356: Bank to the Future with Arduino & TI

Episode 355: Raspberry Pi Pirate Radio

Episode 354: Tiny Vacuum Forming Machine

Episode 353: Program Your Own FPGA Video Game

Episode 352: Pripyat - DIY Geiger Counter

Episode 349: Raspberry Pi Selfie Rocket


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