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  • Warty Monster for Halloween 2021

    www.youtube.com/watch This Halloween 2021 project consists of a real pumpkin (warty pumpkin) enhanced with sensors and actuators. When the pumpkin detects movement (via a PIR proximity sensor), it activates blinking lights and pre-recorded scary...
  • What The Helmet?

    The biggest reason why I wanted a big 3D printer is to print a helmet. The biggest reason why haven't printed one earlier is that it is a big project. I have dabbled with helmet designs for years but the designs I try seem to get uglier as they ...
  • Siren Head project addendum - and my other Halloween projects

    (My early concept art.) I had a great time with the Siren Head build. It felt great to be back at my machine shop on the lathe. Cutting metal with sharper metal by hand… nothing like it.  Using the bandsaw, drills, files, hammers, blud...