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  • Posture detection using OpenCV and Raspberry Pi HQ Camera kit

    <<<<Previous Blog     Next Blog>>>> Posture detection using OpenCV and Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Kit  Overview of the project Unboxing of the kit Getting started 1. Raspberry Pi 4 2. Raspberry...
  • Finding Nemo - Field Day

    The day arrived to finally put the Nemo Discovery Apparatus out into the wild! I lashed up the solar panel to my backpack and headed down to the river. I can't help but laugh when I see this photo, the solar panel is borderline too big for a...
  • Finding Nemo - Power

    Alongside the performance increases of the Raspberry Pi 4 over previous generations, comes an increased demand for electrical power. The RPI team recommend a USB-C power supply capable of an output current of 3A. So, the easiest way to get up and run…