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About the Webinar
Energy Efficient Building Automation Solutions Using Innovative Wireless Sensing
Today’s buildings are adding building intelligence for energy and system efficiency through wireless sensor nodes.  Wireless sensor nodes are allowing more intelligence regarding energy and system efficiency in today’s buildings. These sensor nodes must maintain a long battery life up to 10 years while constantly monitoring key parameters. Battery requirements and energy harvesting for wireless sensor nodes in building automation systems will be a key topic of This webinar. After understanding battery requirements, we will dive into system efficiency ranging from comfort control to air flow control in HVAC systems.  Then tying battery efficiency and system efficiency together, we will look at preventing unplanned system downtime through various predictive maintenance techniques.
About the Presenter

Miro Oljaca

Miro is a known analog guru for Industrial Equipment and Motor Control / Motion Control - resulting from 30 years of experience in both industry system and semiconductor design, definition, and productization.

Miro has gained World Wide recognition from his written contributions for IEEE, EDN, EETimes, and AAJ and has over 60+ publications that have been translated and republished in multiple languages across the globe encompassing a wide valuable technical scope.

He is also recognized as industry expert by TI’s customers and through his papers, presentations, and classes at Industry Conferences such as PCIM, ESC, EPE and others.

As a prolific inventor, Miro has been awarded 14 patents for both system level technology advancements as well as semiconductor design techniques.

Miro collaborates TI wide as an expert on system architecture/design and component selection, for interfacing and processing signals from current, voltage, and velocity sensors to achieve maximum signal resolution.



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