Sound and Vibration Measurement Hat for Raspberry Pi - Industrial Sensing

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MCC172 HAT Raspberry Pi4 Model B Vibration Sensor Sensor Adapter (Mil to BNC) BNC Adapter
MCC172 Pi 4 Model B Vibration Sensor Sensor Adapter Mil to BNC BNC adapter

About the Sound and Vibration Measurement Hat for Raspberry Pi

Digilent logoThe Sound and Vibration Measurement Hat for Raspberry Pi (MCC 172 IEPE Measurement DAQ HAT) features two channels for making sound and vibration measurements from IEPE sensors like accelerometers and microphones. It features a 24-bit A/D per channel and a maximum sample rate of 51.2 kS/s/ch. Up to eight MCC HATs can be stacked onto one Raspberry Pi.

All DAQ HATs include C/C++® and PythonTm examples and open-source library. Comprehensive API and hardware documentation are also provided.

There are five devices in the MCC DAQ HAT Series. Models are available with voltage inputs, thermocouple inputs, IEPE-based sensor inputs, analog outputs, and digital I/O allowing users to configure multifunction, Raspberry Pi-based data logger solutions.

  • Two IEPE inputs
  • Two 24-bit, 51.2 kS/s A/D converters (one per channel)
  • AC coupled at ±5 V
  • 10-32 and screw terminal connections for OEM support
  • Synchronous ADC conversions between multiple boards
  • Onboard sample buffers allow high-speed acquisition
  • External digital trigger input


Resources, Software and Libraries

About the Vibration Sensor

The 603-Series includes alternative sensitivity models, hazardous area approved models, dual output models and models with an integral cable.

  • Sensitivity: (±10%)100 mV/g (10.2 mV/(m/s²))
  • Frequency Range: (±3dB)30 to 600000 cpm (0.5 to 10000 Hz)
  • Sensing Element: Ceramic
  • Measurement Range: ±50 g (±490 m/s²)
  • Weight: 1.8 oz (51 gm)

Specs Sheet

Product Manual

Other Information

Build an Accelerometer with a Raspberry Pi and a DAQ HAT

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Enrollment Begins Feb 12 2022
Enrollment Ends March 15 2022
RoadTesters Selected March 17 2022
Products Shipped March 24 2022
Roadtest Begins March 31 2022
element14 Progress Report Follow Up April 30 2022
Reviews due by  May 30 2022

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