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In computer science, AI is defined as the study of "intelligent agents." These devices absorb information about their environment and take actions. Join our AI Group for online learning, discussion of AI development platforms, and more.

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This learning module covers the basic concepts of face applications with AI. Learn how traditional face detection methods compare to state of the art AI-based algorithms, and then take our quiz to test your knowledge.
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Vision-based project involving anything related to Computer Vision and Machine Learning, Camera Vision and AI-based projects, or Deep Learning. Or graphics project such as adding a graphical display to a microcontroller, image processing on a microcontroller, image recognition, or FPGA-camera interfacing.
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Clem takes the BeagleBone® AI for a spin, exploring PRU (programmable real-time units), OPENCV (Image recognition) and more on his journey to build an animatronic Terminator-inspired skull.
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